Risen Executioner

Risen Executioner

  • Color: Black
  • Type: Creature - Warrior, Zombie
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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Risen Executioner can’t block

Other zombie creatures you control get +1/+1

You may cast Risen Executioner from your graveyard if you pay an additional 1 for each other creature in your graveyard.

  • MrAptronym

    That’s an interesting way to incentivize delve. Curious as to what kind of decks could abuse this. Empty the pits has the most obvious synergy, to take it too far, this would be fun in a casual zombie token deck. I know I am working on a list right now!

  • kingalexander61

    Well that’s pretty neat.

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Scavenging Ooze likes this. Probably going to test this in modern Junk, but i don’t know if i like the “can’t block” stipulation. Really nifty card nonetheless.

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    +1/+1 to Gurmag Angler. Patrick Chapin just wet his pants.

  • RedPandaRevolution

    Strange choice for a mythic. This seems much more appropriate as a rare. Also, I wonder why they bothered making skeletons (at least one with Marang River Skeleton) if they could just as easily be replaced with zombies whilst maintaining flavor. Cool card for tribal junkies though.

    • I agree, even being a 4/4 would make it *so much better*… Anyway, still fun in Zombies (modern? legacy? Where is this good?)

      • RedPandaRevolution

        Grimgrin zombie tribal EDH I guess? Decent sac target.

      • A Mother*ucking Sorcerer

        Tribal zombies isn’t great anywhere really. It’s not bad in EDH but tribal is a bit hard to pull off in EDH. This honestly isn’t a good mythic. Would be alright as a rare but not a mythic

        • If this replaced Havengul Lich in Dark Ascension, it would be actually playable, but it’s in DTK, which just makes it plain bad.

  • gabriel

    i like this

  • kmk888

    Good with Sidisi and Delve, but still doesn’t really feel mythic.

    This seems like a pretty obvious plant for the next set. If you unwrap one in limited, wait and it might be worth more in 6 months.

  • kw28

    This+Waste Not+Dark Deal

    • Ultramegalord

      Zombie tribal cause we can.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Oh zombie tribal support. How I’ve missed you. Come to daddy.

  • Zombie


    • Nharzhool

      I don’t see it touching small children. ;)

      • Zombie

        That was one time and it was only a Thrull

  • Ryū

    Ooh, pretty.

  • Happy The Cat

    wait it costs more if you have more dead things?
    isn’t that backwards or something?

    • Goblin Balloon Brigade

      Well, he’s a zombified! Merciless Executioner. I’d say that the spirits of the convicts he executed are trying to prevent him from rising once again.

    • Vizzerdrix

      He has a lot of guilt and wants to mourn those he killed

  • Fabien Joan Bernex

    zombie AND warrior. Haha why not, not impressed though.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    :/ not too fond that it’s a zombie. Still, I really like that it’s a warrior. It’ll fit in my warrior deck, if only to recast it half a dozen times

  • Vizzerdrix

    Why is this mythic? its a zombie lord and costs more than most lords other than the centaur lord and master of waves, and the recast ability while a cool powerful effect doesnt make it a mythic. master of waves can be a mythic its pro red which might be relevant and makes at least 1 token which is a 2/1 and merfolk is a viable tribal with lots of blue mana symbols. Fate has murrang river prowler which is a little more work to cast from a graveyard but its uncommon. Regardless i will find room for this in my sidisi edh, i can dredge it get a token and recast it so that alone is what i look for and it just so happens to be a relevant tribal boost

    • gabriel

      i think this is good… Add Gurmag Angler and Murderous Cut/Dead Drop, Bloodsoaked Champion… You get the point… Mythic, maybe just in a tribal deck, but still very good

      • Vizzerdrix

        ooh its not bad i know you dredge the other creatures and cast it for 4 or 5 but im still hung up on why its mythic. not being able to block certainly doesnt make it mythic, zombies +1 its arguebly weak compared to other zombie lords like death baron which would have made a better mythic, cast from graveyard ive litterally seen on every rarity other than common so im not too sure where this would put it but with everthing else id say it should be a rare.

        • gabriel

          In Modern, there are plenty of Zombies that come back to the battlefield and/or deal with graveyard… In a tribal deck this is solid… Say this and Lord of the Undead, for example… I believe they made it mythic because of the body… Zombies don’t generally have huge bodies, specially when they can come back

    • MrAptronym

      Mythic doesn’t define a power level, but I do agree that this doesn’t feel very mythic to me either, especially after the uncommon prowler. (I do think its a pretty powerful card though)

      • Vizzerdrix

        well if its mythic for limited which as i understand it is a big reason things are of certain rarity i dont think ive ever drafted this set and had mostly zombies usually the only tribal ive seen is goblins mostly from ponyback brigade or warriors which has quite a bit of support. i dont see how limiting zombie tribal for limited is necessary.
        Also as i understand it mythic is also for more flashy effects things like soulfire grandmaster or temporal tresspass, and this is litterally a zombie lord its not flashy or super competitive

      • Bostorket

        It doesn’t feel myth-erific, but it’s certainly no booby rare indeed.

        Unless you’re an unfortunate sob like me who’s tired of pulling foil Ghastly Conscriptions while yet to hit a single Ugin from a pack.

  • Gerry


  • Temur Tamer

    great. The one warrior I see so far and it’s not even close to anything I would consider playing

  • Venerable lamasu

    am I the only person who thinks this card could see play in a dredge vine deck?

  • Alex Egertsen

    Dredge… DREdge….DREDGE. Love this card. Bridge from Below how does he feel?