• Ryū

    Rishkar, Fungal Gardener. Rishkar, Simic Dork. Rishkar, Persistent Druid. Rishkar, Guy Who Turns Baron Sengir Into A Llanowar Elf. I’m sure there are more.

  • Evil Tactics

    The thing I do like about this guy’s mana dork ability is that it counts for ANY counter. Even persist creatures with a -1/-1 counter would tap for green.

    • Derek Mullins

      Heck, even an animated planeswalker can; there are a lot of counter types, too.

  • Chromasticore

    A new goody for Vorel

  • Happy The Cat

    this would be funny in a kraj deck, just because technically kraj would have “tap:add g to your mana pool” like twelve times on him.
    decent card, might be strong enough for modern elves? either way edh will love him.

    • Him

      That is not the case.

    • Zombie

      Elves is a possibility, but Elves really only has 3 flex slots and I don’t know if it wants to take out Elvish Champion or run only 1 of the 2-of slot.

  • Snievan

    It says “with a counter on it”. I assume that it does not have to be a +1/+1 counter to gain the ability.

    • bonogringo

      You are absolutely right. Maybe we might see a Gideon making mana. That will be legen.. wait for it… dary!!

      • aswanlikeneck

        Can’t wait to tap Thing in the Ice for green. In UG Elves Control.

  • togetheralone

    This turns wall of roots on to make GG, neat.

  • Zombie

    Being able to be played as 4/4 for 3 puts his body on par with Loxodon Smiter, but he’s easier to cast.

    If this doesn’t see Standard play I’ll question the sanity of everyone who still plays that stupid format.

    • David Herrera

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it can only come on as a 3/3, otherwise it would say two counters divided as you choose among up to two target creatures, right?

      • Pandancules


      • Zombie

        Yeah, I read the card wrong. Good catch.

  • Bostorket

    Elves sure like pointing at stuff in trees, huh.

  • NC

    I need two

  • Nyos

    I’m liking the synergy between the legends and their expertise. Cast this guy turn 3, turn 4 draw a couple cards and cast a free gearhulk!

  • Aurore

    This could have been Shadowblayde…

  • Shagoth

    Oath of Ajani.
    This set has so much synergy with itself. I’m sure that limited is going to be pretty fun.

  • kmk888

    I am concerned about the efficiency of some of the cards in this set. 4/4 for 3 with at least double ramp? Gross. It encourages the opponent to target this card with removal while simultaneously making your other creatures into larger threats.

    • Aurore

      Techinically 4/4 value but not a 4/4

  • Nebulium

    I love that any creature that has a counter on it gets the ability.

    “I’m on the brink of death with a horrible flesh eating infection… But on the bright side, here’s some green mana!”

    “Yeah, I’ll take your bribe… Hey! This green mana wasn’t part of the deal! ”

    “Man, all this filibustering made me thirsty for some green mana.”

    • looooo709

      lol :)

    • Daniel Scott

      Best comment on here in ages.

  • dooof112f99

    Has everyone forgot about support in oath? this is about to get crazy
    (tho cryptolith rite is better)

    • Hedronal

      A lot of us wanted to forget about support in oath, plus what’s that cohort thing that I heard was in it? I can’t seem to find any cards with that via gatherer, as we totally only got good ally effects, right?

  • Deadly Berry

    Fun and solid.

  • Chris Demetralis

    Doesn’t even have to be a +1/+1 counter, just says each creature with a counter on it, so any sort of counter would work

  • aw0001

    seems ok. mini verdurous gearhulk + cryptolith rite on a stick.