Rishkar's Expertise

Rishkar’s Expertise

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Cost: 4 ManaGreen ManaGreen Mana

Draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control.

You may cast a card with converted mana cost 5 or less from your hand without paying its mana cost.

  • Jackson Means

    Well this is awesome

  • waka waka

    big dumb green draw spell check.

  • David Muñoz Lopez

    this into white gearhulk and my brain is exploding
    W/G midrange is coming

  • Nanya

    My Gruul Good stuff EDH will love this!

  • Zombie

    Definitely not what I was expecting the green Expertise to be, but still pretty neat.

    I’ll have to pick up a foil for my Kydele deck.

    • MTG fan

      Hope you get it! I think this card is impressive in standard due to the 2nd part of the ability. I would love this in a red green energy deck or green black energy deck.

  • Togetheralone

    Don’t know if this will see play anywhere outside of EDH?

    • Bostorket

      It’s pretty solid advantage with benefits, I wouldn’t rule it out.

    • Nyos

      Yeah, idk either. It’s a little expensive, and situational. But in theory it could read, “draw 8 cards, then play a second green gearhulk,” so…

    • Pandancules

      Basically pay one extra mana on a five mana spell to draw a bunch of cards. You are underestimating this card.

  • Happy The Cat

    Wait… the blue one was suppose to be the draw spell. What’s going on?!
    If standard isn’t too aggro heavy this could see some play but with rw go carts and w+ beatdown still being heavy contenders it looks doubtful.

    • Jakob Schneider

      Green is the third best color (behind blue and black) when it comes to card advantage.

      It is the best when it comes to drawing cards based on your creatures (either amount or greatest power) – compare this to Greater Good, Shamanic Relevation, Momentuous Fall, Nature’s Legacy.

    • TATARI

      No, it’s just that blue once again will be the only one at instant speed

  • Jakob Schneider

    This might have potential for midrange.

  • James Persing

    The draw effect would go off first if you wanted. so you can literally dig X cards deep for a 5 drop if you don’t already have something in your hand. This is going straight into any of my green EDH decks. Even in standard, you could theoretically expertise, draw a few cards, then drop a Gideon, or an Avacyn, or a Chandra, or… yeah, situational, but it’s still very strong.

  • Shagoth

    Chaining expertises. Not a broken expertise, but still really tough.

  • MTG fan

    This goes great with Demon of Dark Schemes! Oh My God

    • Dave

      Why? I mean, 5 power/cards sure is nice but what else? Demon costs 6 mana.

      • MTG fan

        Oh. I thought it costed 5… Whoopsie daisy ignore this. #totallycompetitive

        • Dave

          Ah, shame. Thought you noticed something I didn’t. :D

          • MTG fan


  • Ryan Oso Good

    How is no one talking about this with summonings yet? Cast trigger makes a 6/6 then this resolves drawing 6 and playing a card for free, which in turn could trigger summonings again. So good imo