• Sebastian Wietheger

    the new horror in modern merfolk…..

    • Robby

      I’m hesitant to say it will slot into Modern Merfolk. You already do a LOT better stuff with your 2 drops, including your many lords, and there’s Islandwalk to make your merfolk unblockable as it is.

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    Love it. A+

  • CMK

    Sneak.. but is neither rogue nor pirate. :'(

    • galen150

      no, because its a merfolk, which are generally sneaks by them selves with all their unblockable BS

  • Kitnz

    They mis-spelled Snaek.

  • Grant Jacobson

    turn 1 play a random 1 cost artifact, turn 2 play this, turn 3 play arcane adaptation declaring merfolk, turn 4 play hostage taker targeting itself repeat until river sneak is a 999999/999999 and then target the 1 cost artifact with hostage taker proceed to smash face for win

    • Pacoqueiro

      They put an errata on the hostage taker

      • Grant Jacobson

        oh…never mind then :(

  • Path to Push

    dowsing dagger anyone?

  • guy

    I feel like ‘River sneak’ is a derogatory term for merfolk. ‘Thats our word’.

  • sansmyhands

    Merfolk looks really fun in limited. Can’t wait!

  • Dagda Mor

    What’s with the Japanese arch in the background? Is Ixalan somehow also Kamigawa?