• Marvin Sürig

    Cyclonic rift is better because Instant speed and only one mana more.

    • Deadly Berry

      Each nonland permanent you don’t control. Yep much better.

    • jochen

      that only hits creatures

      • Marvin Sürig

        Sorry I don’t know in which univers you live. In the universe where I come from cyclonic rift and this spoiled card bounces everything that isn’t a land ;)

      • Necrachilles


  • Hedronal

    Anyone at all close on the flavor text?

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    The flavor text is a snarky comment from Niv-Mizzet about how his cards are better.

  • Jay Kilian

    This is quite terrible. Compare with Crush of Tentacles or Engulf the Shore. At the least it should create treasures left behind from each permanent.

    • Nick Rogiers

      you do realize that crush of tentacles and engulf the shore say “return all”, where this only returns “target player” his permanents. This one seems the more broken one to me.

  • Akisama Inu

    could be useful in my narset edh though

    • Akisama Inu

      blow up all lands with armageddon and then send all permanents back to their hands

      • Dr. Gitrog Crow

        It seems that for the most part Cyc rift is still better in EDH, although it’s interesting how this is better in decks like Narset or the new Taigam. Also I like the idea I can almost rift and make 1 person my enemy instead of everyone.

  • TogetherAlone

    So is this good enough to see standard play? My guess is going to be no with all the tribal ETB effects about to rotate into standard.

    • Happy The Cat

      but this might also be a finisher for those same tribal decks, all of a sudden all your stuff is back in your hands against my massive board, GG?

  • niz-mizzet

    If I’m reading the flavor correctly it seems Vraska was maybe betrayed or not

  • jaya

    Cuz cyclonic rift wasnt annoying enough now we got 1 target player rift. At least its sorcery speed but its gonna rub salt and spice in EDH. “why did u rebuke me and not the other guy…” type of thing

  • MrAptronym

    Really disappointed that we have Vraska as just another Bolas crony. I don’t care for Bolas as a character and I wish that every single thing in the past decade of the magic storyline didn’t have to tie back to him. At least we are going to have a lighter focus on the gatewatch from here on out, but I guess we are still stuck with only having a single villain with any actual independent agency or plans.

    It is cool to have recurring plots and characters, but you need to have a few of them going around when you are running a story this long.

    • Hedronal

      I like Bolas, but am disappointed as well by everything tying back to him. It’s like Agents of Shield season 1 again.

    • Axioma

      There’s Ob Nixilis. The Gatewatch doesn’t busted.

      And Nahiri. She only wants revenge and retributtion. I think that Sorin and she will fight again.

      • MrAptronym

        Good points, Nahiri and Ob are probably two of the most interesting characters in the magic story right now too, so seeing what they do next will be fun.

        I was just pretty interested in Vraska who had interesting personal reasons for hunting down Jace, and sad that they’ve tied her into Bolas. Hopefully the other independent villains can remain… independent.

  • Hedronal

    This is why I hate leaks. Story moments spoiled.

  • TheRealSpecialK

    So Bolas found Captain Jack’s compass and then gave it to Vraska? The compasses are literally the same thing, and I find that hilarious.

    • Dr. Gitrog Crow

      No, Vraska is Jack Sparrow. And Jace can be Elizabeth.