• Edward

    This is insanely good for an uncommon. This could be rare and I would be totally fine with it.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      I think it would have to be 1B, Sac: instead of 2B, Sac: but I agree, great card.

      • Shagoth

        You could just sacrifice your team.

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          That doesn’t sound broken at all for standard lol When would killing all your creatures for 2 Treasure tokens be good?

          • galen150

            well, revel in riches and this would win the game fairly quick. especially with annointed procession and the other treasure generators.

          • Shawn Michael Diaz

            That’s like a turn 6 win with without interaction from the other player. Sounds balanced.

  • Julian Allen

    like it o w o~ it’s effectively 1 mana and a creature to fix, and then you can draw if you dont have anything to use treasures with. if you have an annointed procession on board, you can trade all your creatures for gold.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      I really want to abuse treasure with Anointed Procession but there’s absolutely no decent curve for cards that make more than 1 treasure. You’re either playing a mana dork to get AP down turn 3 or you’re playing AP into Spell Swindle (actually pretty good but predictable after you do it once)

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    This looks like an important piece in a few treasure-based brews

    • Jay Kilian

      I’m thinking of an Esper list with servos, this, Marionette Master, Annointed procession, hidden stockpile, and blue for Deadeye plunderers, spell swindle, and metallic rebuke. Treasures help with mana fixing and this guy makes a lot of treasures and even draws cards now and then. Throw in Inspiring Statuary and maybe Tezz and it’s a deck.

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        I really like Hidden Stockpile, but I can’t seem to fit it in yet. Annointed Procession is too slow for the curve I think, but it’s definitely fun and potentially really strong. If you find a way to squeeze in Oketra’s Last Mercy, I could see that working.

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    never thought i’d see the word knave on a magic card. now i’m actually hoping for a scallywag.

    • Jay Kilian

      Or scurvy.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Again ! Training Grounds !