• Devon Ronald MacInnis

    Hello 2/2 dragon

    • guest

      Well, it’s a dinosaur not a dragon.

  • Than3

    Not sure why this page calls it a dragon, that’s a dino

  • M Hedonist

    I can read Cyrillic. It says “Dinosawr”.

    • Aarhg

      Yea, it would be really odd if it was a dragon, because there are no dragons on this plane.

  • M Hedonist

    Also, love the double-evasion. It’s kinda bonkers – think about it. You need two creatures, both with Flying, to block this. And red/white sure has ways to remove one (or both) of them. That’s gonna be annoying.

    • HeyHey

      Yeah it might as well just say unblockable. This thing needs to be targeted with removal or it will keep hitting you.

    • aus10

      Flying or reach

  • MrAptronym

    This is going to be nice in limited. Solid 2-drop in general.

  • ymmij X

    … so unblockable basically

    • Grant Jacobson

      with reach

    • Callum Aldred

      Whirler Virtuoso’s Thopter tokens would like to have a word with you…

      • ymmij X

        yea i’m a limited player so that’s really not a concern

      • galen150

        he can only make 1 token by himself

  • Pulverizerg

    it’s probably called “Terror of the skies”. 2 mana 2 power unblockable dinosaur looks pretty good tho

    • Than3

      Pretty close, actually. “Horror of the Heavens”

      • Sakae Nakahara

        apparently Pulverizerg was closer…

  • Justus Bruestle

    I personally don’t like the white color. I was hoping to make a red green dinosaur deck and use things like special lands and treasures etc, to cast any big dinosaurs that have white in their casting costs that are too good to leave out, (like Gishath) but this is so good it kinda throws a wrench in that. To use this I would have to go full three color or hope I get lucky enough to cast him early game both of which would make the deck way less efficient.

    • Phil Bowles

      You don’t really want this in the same sort of deck that wants Gisath, and quite apart from anything else it’s lousy to get off the top with his ability. This is a pure Boros aggro creature that just happens to be a dinosaur – if you don’t have a white-heavy deck that can reliably get it out on turn 2 or 3 it’s not worth the effort, though it’s efficient enough to be good when drawn later especially as it’s practically unblockable.

      • Shagoth

        I don’t think a deck should wait until they have ramp mana before they do anything.

        • Sakae Nakahara

          in general, a ramp deck’s ideal play is in fact do nothing but ramp for the first few turn. A ramp deck’s advantage is the higher peak power level they have compared to other decks. thus it wants to get to playing those high-power cards as soon as possible. playing low cost cards to keep yourself alive longer just make the deck worse. That said, decent tempo / stall cards are still better than bad ramp cards, so it depends on what cards you have available to work with

          • Shagoth

            I mean, with all ramp being two mana now, you should at least have stuff below seven mana. This isn’t Tron level ramp, this is t3 five mana if you’re lucky.

          • Sakae Nakahara

            T3 5 mana is one card away from t4 7 mana. Even if not, it’s still infinitely better in a ramp deck than t2 this

          • Shagoth

            There’s been a really good dino ramp spell that may make me want to go all in on the ramp.

  • Hedronal

    Anyone got the flavor text?

  • Mike Seppy

    What language is this? How do foreign countries get spoilers before we do? Does this creature have enough going for it to be a first pick?

    • Nightsight

      This is the magnificent and glorified language of Russia! You should start recognising it by now, peasant!

    • Erik

      Wizards often gives exclusive spoilers to a few publications in other languages.

  • Mini Zem

    I think we can all agree this should have been a dinosaur dragon.

    • Shagoth

      No, just because this is magic and has is a flying lizard doesn’t mean it should be a dragon. Pteradons and Pterodactyls are a thing.

      • aus10

        This isn’t a pterosaur, it’s a Quetzalcoatl, which isn’t even a dinosaur, it’s a God from Mayan mythology, a winged serpent. Like a dragon? Hmm.

        • Shagoth

          I still think it’s a winged dinosaur but the artist got carried away with the feathers. I mean, look at the head. Like a Dino? Hmm.

          • Demiurgo

            Dinosaurs were fethered actually. Well, alot of them used to be, Pterodons especially.

          • Shagoth

            But their wings were leathery.

          • aus10

            You clearly don’t know what a Quetzalcoatl is. Look it up. Looks exactly like this. In fact I’m pretty sure they’re mentioned by name somewhere in Ixalan.

          • Shagoth

            You’re still arguing this and yet the image has been updated, and it clearly has the creature type DINOSAUR.

          • aus10

            I’m not arguing about its creature type, I’m saying that the creature in the image is not even remotely close to any dinosaur that ever existed, it’s based on a mythological God that can breathe hurricanes.

          • Demiurgo

            Quetzalcoatl is a feathered serpent. I know my culture. Plus, there’s no dragons in Ixalan. Check Dragonskull Summit new flavor text, it confirms this.

        • Charlie Shadeslayer

          Actually, it’s feathered serpent.

          Quetzalcoatl vuela porque es un dios maravilloso. Trajo el maíz, ¿sabes?

  • I feel like this should be a rare. If you don’t remove it early, you’re done for.

    • Chaospyke

      2 Dmg a turn isn’t that much, plus there is so much removal.
      this thing dies to shock, which is probably the worst constructed playable removal that will be in standard.

      This basically lives as long the opponent feels they can take the punches.

      • Camarouge

        Also dies to push without revolt

        I like this creature a lot since its basically “2/2 unblockable” for two mana. But it’s easy to remove.

        • M Hedonist

          Every two-drop dies to Push though – that’s what Push does.
          Forcing your opponent to respond on turn 2 already is the best a two-drop can do. There’s no two-drop that breaks the game.

          • Aurore

            Time Walk might beg to differ. And I remember Stoneforge Mystic being just a teensy bit viable in competitive formats, but who can say? AND DAT GOYF SON!

          • Happy The Cat

            Stoneforge was viable because even in a block with Jace the op Sculptor and the most aggressive vampire deck we’ve ever seen, Stoneforge could still win a game by herself.
            Also she’s a utility creature with an etb so as long as it’s not countered you’ve gotten value from it. This meanwhile is a 2/2 splattered with keywords.

      • Tolle

        Irrelevant. Shock won’t be in the same limited environment as this guy. At least we have no indication it will be yet. And rarity is only dependent on limited, not constructed.

  • Chaospyke

    Not as pushed as blue, but certainly a powerful card.

  • Grant Jacobson

    standard play seems unlikely

    • Shagoth

      Evasive two drop dino, it could.

      • Grant Jacobson


    • Demiurgo

      Is a auto include in a naya dino deck.

      • Grant Jacobson

        naya dinos seems unlikely to produce boros mana turn 2 (plus naya dinos wants to spend the early game ramping to the big stuff not getting bogged down in combat)

      • Sakae Nakahara

        no 3 color deck wants a card like this unless we get bfz level mana fixing

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    We get it, you don’t want to be blocked

  • Jenn Koh

    I hope we get to see more quality red and white aggressive playables. It was a little pushed in AKH, but RW aggro is a great archetype in many formats that pretty much prevents the format from being stale.

    • Kaiser

      this is a limited winner with both flying and menace

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Strictly better Skyknight Legionaire?

    • Sakae Nakahara

      skyknight legionnaire has haste instead of menace so not strictly better, but better in most situations