• BusinessmanGinger

    Dun tooch da kitteh >:3. This is pretty good in limited; turn 1 get this in play and maybe get 2 damage in before your opponent kills it and then bring it back.

    • Us dgkkt

      Or you can play a two drop that can actually trade with a creature. This thing is bad but cute and flavorful.

      • Reyos Blackwood

        And what did you do turn one before you play that two drop? This is not bad, and no one said you had to bring it back immediately, just wait until you have a spare white mana and get the cat back once it does die, as a 1 drop with lifelink that’s a two point life swing until they can kill it if you get it out first turn.

        • Together Alone

          It’s not about what it cost you for the turn its about what it costs you in deck building in limited. anything with 2 power is better than this as it actually has the possibility to trade with a creature on its own or even trade up in mana cost creating a tempo advantage. In constructed it could be viable but in limited this is trash in almost every scenario.

  • Mr Bump

    New favourite right here. I love it.

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    That’s really good for a common. *Applause*

  • MrAptronym

    Good Kitty.

  • Serj

    Praise the Kitty

  • dodnyjv

    Behold the Amoncat!

  • Blahblahblahbla

    This is so retro. Reminds me of the days before snek cats. Props to WotC on this throwback.

  • Insight66


  • Serj

    This is the Stormcrow of Amonketh.PRAISE

    • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

      Whats so good about storm crow?

      • Daniel Kaine Allen

        Nothing. That’s the joke.

        • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ


  • Jay Kilian

    New Sorcery:

    Destroy all Cats.

    • rops

      :) or artifact. “Red Laser”: 1TAP: chose a creature, all cats fight that creature if able ;)

      • Tolle

        I love it. Let’s do it.

      • the mad seer

        ball of yarn (3)
        you may choose not to untap ball of yarn during your untap step
        {t}: tap target cat, it doesn’t untap during its controller’s untap step for as long as ball of yarn remains tapped

    • Daniel Poirier

      All the nivmizit players cringe

    • Happy The Cat


  • Cthulhooo

    The almond cat is finally here!

  • Nadorou

    Strictly better than Trained Caracal. The power creep! It’s real!

  • Random Guy

    This seems constructed-viable. It’s like a Thraben Inspector for graveyard decks, or a Servo Exhibition that lets you pay in installments and gives you life. Plus, it’s a zombie cat.

  • the mad seer

    will someone please make a cat lord, it would be too funny if cat tribal became a thing


      At next set… HourOf a CatGod for the Internet!

    • James Allen

      We got one now!

  • Nikolai Anzuoni

    This is going to be great in w/g. Turn one kitty turn two 4/4 kill kitty bring it back later

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      And if you splash red you can pump the 4/4 up to a 7/7 and trigger it’s life gain every turn.

      • Nikolai Anzuoni

        I didn’t even think of that. Damn.

  • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

    This set kind of revolves around cheep cards, eg gods, flameblade jackel, ect