• Michael Pepin

    The F***, this card has it all.
    Seriously, how powerful is this lady. Damn!!

  • Chromasticore

    Wowza!!! That’s a legend I can get behind!

  • Shagoth

    Why do they do they keep giving people such powerful effects? Imagine if this was a dragon, but nope, woman with a sword. That is what grants all of these effects.
    Also holy naya!

    • the mad seer

      flaorwise it makes sence. she is just a small human, but her skill makes her a capable fighter against larger opponents

      • The Dracogenius

        How can she deal more than the same amount of damage in one swing than all the gods except Oketra, who she is on par with?

        • the mad seer

          i’m saying that it doesn’t make sense to have a 6/6 human, but a high curve human still should exist, so it makes up for being small by being skilled.

        • Adam Gillies

          She is supposed to be on par with the gods though, she is a mythic. And technically if she was trained by the gods and then deserted she could be very powerful. They are labeled gods but you have to remember they are just really big creatures themselves

  • Matthew Douglas

    She looks like a great commander. Not sure what standard deck she would fit into. Top end of Naya Humans?

  • Michael Pepin

    The third ability will never be used

    • Happy The Cat

      yeah… not like there is a keyword that naps your creatures or anything, and it’s not like she has vigilance so at worst it’s a meh combat trick.

    • Daniel Scott

      But it gave her another part to her EDH colour identity, which I suspect is a big part of the reason it is there.

  • NC


  • Mr Black Mana

    “What should be her abilities?” “Eh, just slap a bunch of the usual ones on and give her an activated ability while we’re at it.”

  • The Dracogenius

    This almost feels like the face legend out of a commander set, every single key word is actually relevant in the format. Not sure if that untap ability is all that relevant though. Nontheless, good job WOTC, love it !!!!

    • Julius van Vlierberghe

      humhum exert in standard

  • Jacob Hennessy

    Here we have a woman who most likely uppercuts dragons in her spare time.

    • Pier-Luc Tremblay

      Well, a lot of dragons have at least 4 thoughness, so she do kill one, but dies in the process. Unless she get’s an extra power.
      Also, Doublestrike and flash can make nasty ambush.

  • Pier-Luc Tremblay

    So, Naya exert.

  • Happy The Cat

    why have flash and haste? that’s like having a laser sight on an RPG. I mean sure she has that tap ability but that honestly looks like they tacked it on as an excuse to pump up her cmc and knock her out of Gruul edh
    anyhow she will do well with Xenagos in her deck. but I’ll have to give her a Loxodon Warhammer, Basilisk Collar, or Quietus Spike just so she can have any more perks.

    • Matt

      It’s so you can activate the untap ability as soon as you flash her in

    • Giby86 .

      Because she can use her activated ability right away.

    • Kaiser

      Because its james bond, She have all the tricks that she needs.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Jesus christ, it’s Jason Borne.

    • Dan Beaudoin

      Jason Bourne would seem to have indestructible as well

      • Happy The Cat

        well, more so instead of dying he just comes back again and again.

  • Aurore

    Random Naya? Why?

    • MrAptronym

      Definitely made for EDH.

    • Alex Egertsen

      This means we are going to see shards flavors come
      back soon that is sweet
      sauce bro

    • Kevan Kramer

      Story reasons and the ability is white

  • Nanya

    Awww! If not for the White I’d *SO* run this in my Wildborn EDH deck.

    • David Buvoltz

      You could run it as the commander then splash white into the deck.

    • Sebastian Fuchs

      i have the same problem T_T xenagos and ruric are sad today….

    • 4T0M-1E0

      Hey Samut, welcome to my Hazezon deck.

  • Ryū

    That is one angry lady. But why Naya though.

    • Kevan Kramer

      Story and ability reasons

    • Kahai

      Bolas loves Tri color.

    • MTG420

      Keep it out of Gruul EDH thank goodness.

  • Edward

    I was not expecting nay more legendary creatures this set and especially not more Mythic ones. I wonder if the last few Mythics will be part of a cycle or if this is just going to be by itself.

  • James

    Awesome card, but why does she have to be so ugly ? :D

    • Gareth Martin

      Why does she need to be pretty? What world do u live in?

      • James

        Fantasy world mate

        • Shagoth

          Honestly, the trope in fantasy that bothers me the most is when everyone who’s female and a warrior looks like a model. Actually, that doesn’t bother me, it bothers me when they fight in sexualised and inneficient attire, so I welcome the “ugly” woman.

        • Hedronal

          So does she, but in her fantasy world, everything is either about dying for your god, or desperately getting everyone to try to not die for their gods.

    • imoth

      to be fair, not many of us look our best when we go completely berserk.

  • Ethan White

    alright, prediction time
    there will be more of these legendary creatures that have a tri color identity
    these color identities will correspond to the shards of alara

  • Jude

    Well…stadard may not see its play, but it may be who knows. Commander would love this, chain it up to a mageslayer or a godsend and she becomes a pretty destructuve commander.

    Also, odric from shadows, get with this plz. Naya aggro keyword soup, lets do it

    • Kevin Wickland

      might as well add in rhonas while you’re at it, indestructible, double strike, vigilance, haste, death touch, trample for all

    • Jacob Anderson

      Odric doesn’t give your creatures Flash, this card already gives them Haste and if we are talking standard i would think there is a good chance you are running Always Watching in this deck which means everyone already has Vigilance as well, so while it looks like a lot of abilities it would only give Double Strike.

  • Kaiser

    Just for clarified: i win the bet about the cycle of warriors and clerics

  • Derek Mullins

    Haven’t read today’s story yet, but I assume she’s the one dragged off in the last story.

    • Kevan Kramer

      She was. The art was spoiled for her in that story.

    • Gustavo Martinez

      where do you read the story? *.*

      • Serj
      • Serj

        You have to read alot of them if you have never read on.At least start from the first from Amoketh ( the one before the one published today)

        • ymmij X

          spoiler warning but read on if you wanna be caught up on all of the story from zandakar to now

          first: long long ago nahiri the lithomancer, ugin the spirit dragon and sorin the vampire lord sealed the eldrazi away on zandekar since it was a big strong plane that could hold them. sorin wanted to make sure they never ate innestrad, nahiri was all “we need to save the multiverse” and ugin just seemed to want to see if they could. nahiri burried herself in rock and slept while the other 2 left. fastforward to the events of the first zandekar block and the eldrazi started to wiggle free but luckally nahiri does a good job of fixing it but to her supprise her 2 “friends” didn’t come back to help. long story short ugin was semi dead and sorin both didn’t hear and didn’t care. nakiri left to find them and got locked in the hellvault and immortal prison on innestrad . jumping back to zandekar nico bolas tricks some planeswalkers and opens the seal keeping the eldrazi bound. gideon goes to zandekar to help because he’s also like “we need to save the multiverse” and he tries to get chandra to come. she says no. while there he eventually comes across nissa a magic elf planeswalker who can talk to planes and has made friends with zandekar. she joins him in trying to fight eldrazi and save the plane. by this time gideon has gathered a massive army of humans, elves, giblins, merfolk, humans, kor and soon even vampires. which he tries to use to take back the largest city on the plane, sea gate. he thinks the secret to defeating the eldrazi might be there which it kind of is. he manages to find a reasearcher who tells him of “the puzzle of the ley lines” gideon isnt good with puzzles so he goes and gets jace, the mind mage who figures out they need to use the hedrons(floating rocks that nahiri made) to lock up the eldrazi again. they try but get stopped by a demon planeswalker who uses the energy intended to catch eldrazi to reempower himself and try to kill our heroes. luckally chandra shows up and saves them. now with all our heroes on zandekar the take oaths to “keep watch” and the gatewatch is formed. their goal being to protect planes from interplainar threats. they come up with a rather stupid plan to try and get zandekar to eat the eldrazi. the eldrazi are massive creature that live in the space between dimensions the ones on zandekar are only part of the whole. they lure the titans in and nissa makes the ley lines of the plane lasso the greater eldrazi and pull. they get them into the plane but their so big they nearly break the plane with their power and size. nissa realizes she cant hold them and instead pours all of zandekars mana into chandra who vaporizes the 2 eldrazi gods they have ensnared ending the threat forever.
          flash forward a few months and the gatwatch ends up on innestrad where strange things are happening at first just jace is there trying to figure out what has happened until the third and final eldrazi emmerges there. ya see remeember nahiri from earlier? well durring the events of zandeker she was set free by lilyanna ves who was seeking to kill a demon inside the hellvault. consequently this was a major boon for innestrad who got back their patron angel avecin and didnt have to deal with the demon gristelbrand anymore. well nahiri went home and saw the eldrazi consuming her plain and the seal shattered and decided to try and lure them to innestrad to get revenge on sorrin. the weirdness jace found was her twisting the mana of the plane to lure eldrazi. to again make a long story short nahiri fights sorrin and traps him in stone to watch as his plane is destroyed. he instead watches the gatewatch try to torch this eldrazi, fail because of how mangled innestrads mana is, then gather to face the titan. it defeats them but lilly arrives to protect them deciding that this group of planeswalkers could be useful to her as “friends” (people who kill my demon lords for me). she holds off the edlrazi swarm long enough for them to figure out a new plan and with the help of jaces friend tymio the moonfolk they try to seal the eldrazi titan in the silver moon of innestrad which the hellvault was made of. they are almost unsuccessful but at the last moment the eldrazi titan invades tymio’s mind and casts a spell through her that creates the mana they need to work the spell… so that happened.
          flash forward a few weeks and the gatewatch ends up on the inventive plaine of kaladesh where they save chandras mom, help toppel an evil goverment run by a planeswaker and learn the location of the dragon nico bolas. they also pick up the gatewatch’s newest meember, ajani goldmaine, who wants them to gether allies to face bolas. when he leaves to find allies the remaining 5 members walk to kaladesh to face bolas. their not the brightest bunch. and thats where we are. i skipped a lot of cool stuff on kaadesh but i’m out of time. hope this helps somewhat

          • Serj

            post it to him not to me so he can read it

      • Serj

        Anyway on the magic site .They are called “Uncharted realms”

        • De’Elgathor

          They aren’t called Uncharted Realms anymore. They are under the “Magic Story” heading.

      • Serj

        No sorry you have to read 2 story before the one published today

  • Zombie

    That feel when you want to run this in every Gruul deck ever in EDH and then it has a White ability.

    Not like this Wizards

    Not like this

    • Curt Vandruff

      that’s why you play gruul with this as the General, then get white support 10/10 probably will build

      • Zombie

        I mean I’d rather just play Mayael at that point. Or Kydele/Bruse Taarl.

        • Demiurgo

          Naya > Gruul

          • Zombie

            Not Gruul? Then die.

          • Happy The Cat

            not white? then get competitively overshadowed until R&D slips up and prints a combo deck so the mediocre cards you do have are forced to see play in an environment you weren’t even supposed to see.
            Standard Charm’s flavor text might not have been as catchy, but it was just as on point.

        • Seant Ryan

          I’d say she could be a sweet Naya voltron commander, but then Uril exists. Maybe Haste’ll give her some sort of edge.

          • Zombie

            With cards like Lightning Greaves being a thing, Haste isn’t exactly hard to come by.

            Plus cards like Hammer of Purphoros/ Fires of Yavimaya are becoming more popular once again, so Haste for your Commander is still pretty much already guaranteed through card selection.

        • Curt Vandruff

          Sure, but Mayael is a very different deck with very different goals (like comparing Rhys and karametra) and sure voltron/equips have potential and the haste is huge, but haste anthem+untap ability allows for combo shenanigans and other insanity you can’t get from any other general. Ccccccombo

  • Kahai

    Hey look, it’s a Naya colored card. How interesting. Love it btw, will make commander deck.

    • Cody Alex Humble

      idk how people can see this and not realize it’s exclusively EDH. You constantly have accurate and great comments.

      • Daniel Kaine Allen

        Great in edh or not, that doesn’t take away from the fact that she has potential in other formats as well. With abilities like this she could easily be a game finisher if you handle her right.

        • Cynical Bastards

          What formats would she be good in, modern, she gets killed by literally every popular removal spell except for bolt (doom blade, path etc) (please correct me if I’m wrong), I’m not familiar with formats like vintage and legacy but I assume she won’t be good there either as she is far to expensive. Standard she may see play, but I don’t play standard so… while the card is definitely good, simply cramming a lot of abilities on it doesn’t make it super op, having said that though I can definitely see this in commander.

          • Shagoth

            Actually, doomblade isn’t popular. It doges bolt and push, so it only dies to Path to Exile, which can deal with literally everything that it can viably target aside from two cards. Legacy is a weird format, it’s known for being very complex, I can’t think of this deck in a blue deck so this card will be in a deck that can’t beat combos easily, but midrange and abundant control? This card does a lot asap, I think there’s better options, though. I think this will see fringe play in modern.

          • Cynical Bastards

            I really like doomblade though. Its pretty sad that its not popular, I guess with a whole bunch of deaths shadow decks running around it might not be that great.

            A moment of silence for our great friend

            Rip In Piece Doomblade
            You Will Be missed

          • eltratzo

            it is a) slower than most removal in modern. and b) in quite a few matchups and decks it is worse than go for the throat and victim of night.

          • Shagoth

            I like it for the memes, and it wasn’t even as proper a measuring stick for quality as lightning bolt. Something having more toughness makes it a better card, you shouldn’t get such a privilege just because you’re black. Also, it’s two mana to miss one fifth of the games normies.

          • Together Alone

            Commander. She seems like a pretty decent Naya commander.

      • Kahai

        Thanks! I’m lving this card more and more every time i read it. She’s super strong and i will be making a EDH deck from here first (unless we get a mutli-colored splinx)

  • Cthulhooo

    That’s a surprisingly good array of keywords. Looks like green and red are going to be the main colors of Amonkhet.

    Also that one white :/

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      The one white mana just stared me in the face and said “you didn’t think you’d get off that easy, did you?”

  • Kameenook

    My gosh this looks sweet. Not sure where it’s home would be but just when you think it’s pretty good it’s got more abilities to boot.

  • sansmyhands

    Oh man I want to play this in limited sooooooooo bad. So bad.

    • DJPad

      This is an absolute blowout in limited.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    My Modern Warrior deck loves her already.

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    I love seeing mid to high CMC cards get pushed. Maybe Modern can’t service them, but this one is near objectively great

  • Evil Tactics

    My Naya flash deck wants her badly.

  • ConcernedCat

    Looks like a card from MTG Cardsmith… seriously?

  • Absinthman

    Drafthet the Unsealed, Goddess of Limited, please put this in my booster pack.

    • Happy The Cat

      “Okay bro, I was going to give you some masterpiece Dark rits, but if you want this instead that’s fine”

      • Absinthman


  • Typhuzuzu13

    missing gods. Three colors. So many dots, but no lines to connect yet.

  • Shagoth

    Flash, double strike, haste?
    Flavorfully, this is the fastest card in the game! All it needs is split second.

    • Hedronal

      Also haste to other things, that counts for something.

    • eltratzo

      I’d argue rocket-powered turbo slug is still faster. it is the fastest black bordered card in game though ^^

      • Hedronal

        Slug is dedicated to sheer initial velocity so much it outruns time. Samut here is less super fast, but keeps running fast forever.

  • kmk888

    That’s a Standard staple right there. I expect her play pattern to be similar to Avacyn in the way that you hold her to ambush attackers and overload control. She hits even harder though, and she wins damage races by herself. You really only need to play green and red for her to be worthwhile, but if you have a couple of exert creatures you might as well throw in some white sources because her untap ability is savage too.

    • Together Alone

      this+ glory bringer with always watching in standard could be a great deck. Like a naya midrange with the new 3 damage to all spell too.

      • kmk888

        I don’t dislike the combination of this with Sweltering Suns, but if I’m putting Always Watching in my deck I want early pressure which would die to Sweltering Suns.

        I’d prefer to build the Always Watching exert deck as a WR deck with 4 Glorybound Initiate and 4 Glorybringers, I’m which case I’m not sure you want splash for Samut despite her power.

        • Jacob Anderson

          I was thinking of doing WR Always Watching/Exert/maybe Humans as well, what do you think the best 4 drop for the deck would be (other than Gideon)?

          • kmk888

            Hard to say, we haven’t seen a super powerful 4 drop with exert yet. However you might not need 4 drops very much. I would keep the curve very low. Humans does seem to be the best tribe.

            4 Thraben Inspector
            4 Town Gossipmonger
            4 Glory-bound Initiate
            4 Thalia’s Lieutenant
            4 Always Watching
            4 Combat Celebrant
            4 Gideon
            4 Glorybringer

            You could try Inventor’s Apprentice, Kari Zev, Metallic Mimic, and/or Thalia, Heretic Cathar as well.

          • Jacob Anderson

            Well if you refuse to spend as much money for a single card like me and don’t have Gideons i think it might be best to cut out Glorybringer altogether as well despite how much i like him and top the curve out at three and just make it super agro and all humans, it’s not like Always Watching is a card being forced in their because of Exert. That or maybe do Naya and do Heron’s Grace Champion at 4 drop.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Haste vig double strike 3/4 so I pretty much get a second Saskia in my edh for 1 more mana, sweet

  • Winter Trabex

    Would rather have have pro black than flash.

  • Deadly Berry

    Untap another target creature? Screams “Gotta exert ’em all!”

  • PrissyRose

    Samut is cool I’ll throw into Saskia :D

  • Fey

    Well hey. This would be a pretty decent Commander, if only it weren’t missing the two best colours in the game.