• Dr. Burn Crow

    Not bad, but I’m not exceedingly impressed.

  • Happy The Cat

    this feels so close to being good that I dont want to call it what it is bulk rare. if it started smaller but got counters instead of EoT buffs it would maybe even have seen standard

    • Zombie

      It’s just a worse Twilight Drover.

      • Happy The Cat

        well, it is an intro pack rare, cant expect much now can we?

  • Zombie

    This is just like a weird and much worse Twilight Drover.

  • Tragic

    If it was *any* graveyard and the activated ability was 1 less, this would be a bit more interesting, sort of like a more expensive white Scavenging Ooze. As is, it’s over-costed for the abilities and P/T.

  • Son Goku

    Not very impressive. If I’m spending 4 mana on one of the plane’s stronger tribes, and it’s a rare, it should be something that has a lot more of an impact than this. It doesn’t even have vigilance or first strike or protection or something you’d expect from a white heavyweight. It doesn’t do anything but make a decent blocker the turn it comes down, its other-creatures-ETB buff effect is not that impressive, and its ability is too expensive given that it’s not any graveyard and you lose a creature forever. 1W for the ability, given the exile requirement, or make it a 2/2 Spirit with flying. This thing is only particularly good if you can bring him out, then next turn (5, without any ramp) throw out a bunch of creatures. And even then, he has no other abilities, so he’s easily answered by all the other colors.

    The price is too high and the power underwhelming.

  • Hedronal

    Before anything else, I would like to note that this is remarkably cheap for an intro pack promo. That said, while it does things that look almost good, I’m as certain that it’s not standard playable as I can be with an incomplete set reveal.

  • Happy The Cat

    but there are so many better options, Bronzebeak and Goldnight Commander are the first like this that come to mind. that buff is just so small for what this could have been