• Nathanael Lambert

    i want for edgar

  • Arkheid

    Finally a good 4drop Vampire aggro :o

  • Jude

    Right into grampa eddy and aunt licia u go

  • Marvin Sürig

    I love how her pale skin puts all focus on her face makeing the other vamps in this picture dull looking. And then the contrast to the black golden armor.

  • Alex

    I went out and bought Daddy Markov just for all this new Vamp tribal tech.

  • galen150

    not bad seeing as the other vamps seem to make a bunch of tokens.

  • Nebulium

    With the token swarm the Markov deck can generate, this seems pretty much like an auto include. Just be careful though because this guy will draw you a LOT of hate.

    • Raimund Keller

      since the Markov deck is really fast, it will probably draw early hate either way

  • Edward

    Glad I picked up the Edgar Markov deck because this thing is just amazing in it.

    • Aarhg

      I got the Edgar deck as well, and I’m loving all these new possible inclusions.

  • DirtyHoboLord

    I don’t like it as much as brutal hordechief but at least it has two more relevant creature types.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    -generic comment about vampire tribal use-

    • Derek Niles

      -generic reply about how you’re wrong because of a thing that doesn’t actually matter-

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        -indignant response that questions your intelligence and/or sexual orientation-

        • Dr. Gitrog Crow

          -pointless reply from someone not involved in any way whatsoever-

          • Robert FakeLastName

            and my axe!

          • -sarcastic comment about how good this is in a tribe other than vampires-

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            -Accusation of identity theft-

  • DJ Pad

    Hellrider sans the haste and lack of tribal requirement in exchange for an extra toughness and draining rather than damaging.

    Doubt this will see much play unless vampires is heavily pushed.

    • Tolle

      Edger Markov says hi.