• Tezzybros

    Now this is just silly.

  • Deadly Berry

    Cast it for 0 if you need another turn before losing due to no cards in the library. It helps!

  • Random Guy

    If pay 1 mana to get 5 life is a bad card then this is probably pretty terrible.

    • Jay Kilian

      Unless you have a ramp deck and a slow combo. So, yeah, terrible.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    i was about to say mizzix but…

  • Think_potatoes

    Its basically a different kind of white suns zenith

  • Vizzerdrix

    You gain Twice x life seems like a wierd way to word this. A cycle of these wouldn’t bad I kinda like the design

    • Jalais

      Probably to clarify it’s two separate life gains for cards that care about that, like Crested Sunmare.

      • DarthinvaderIX

        Crested Sunmare doesn’t care about instances of lifegain, read the cards smh

        • Jalais

          Ok, not relevant to my actual point, and I’ve only played the card once in draft. No need to be a douche about it.

      • Hedronal

        This only triggers lifegain cards once. It’s one, double-sized, instance.

  • TogetherAlone

    I just gotta keep telling myself life gain is bad as much as I like the design of this card :/

    • Ryan Sullivan

      It’s bad until you have too much life for burn to deal with. Good 2 of sideboard tech in modern if you plan on stalling the game really hard.

  • Evil Tactics

    This should have been an uncommon. For rarity, it should have an additional effect, like tap X target creatures, or draw a card, or at least target player gains double X life. You can’t even heal someone else with this, so insulting.

    • David Castro

      the return to the deck is why it’s rare, in the same way as the beacons and zeniths do

      • Evil Tactics

        For a design viewpoint that’s still a little too weak in this case. If you compare it to Beacon of Immortality, that one doubles a target player’s life for 6 mana, allowing for more options or shenanigans. This will heal 8 life for 6 mana, but only to yourself. True it can be cast earlier, but if you’re going to use it for measly bits of life, might as well just cast creatures that gain you life when they ETB. The practical application of it going back to the bottom your library is almost non-existent for what it accomplishes. Plus you will usually prefer to have an instant in the graveyard for potential interactions with other cards.

        I can only imagine some bizarre schemes where you want this on the bottom of your library, a setup with Tunnel Vision for example. In that regard, it would edge closer to rare territory for being unusual, but still a horrible rare to open from a booster pack. If the text read “target player gains twice X life” then I’d be all for this being rare.

  • Hedronal

    Nice to see the white side of vampires.