• Jay Kilian

    Interesting text. It says “target cards” from a “single graveyard”, but doesn’t target the player or opponent. Dodges Leyline and deals somewhat with Dredge and delerium.

    • Umbacano

      Actually, it’s the exact same text as Rapid Decay. Which by the way, I guess, is crying to see a common being almost stricly better.

      • Jay Kilian

        Yes. Plus this is just a single mana and the cycle is down to a single mana. Downshifted and more affordable.

  • Matthew Douglas

    Playable graveyard hate. Ohh, the pure joy of it!

  • dTHEb

    B: Draw a card. I never thougt i would see the day a black spells draws me a card without trying to harm me.

    • Jacob Hennessy

      B: Draw a card, also immolate yourself.

  • Edward

    Well looks like a sideboard card to mess with delirium or any other graveyard shenanigans in standard. It might even be good for commander seeing as it can cycle for 1 black mana and commander has a lot of graveyard bs.

  • Kumrag

    Hey that’s pretty good

  • prplprince

    I like this card. I know this would have pushed it past a common but I wish that they added the bonus of “when you cycle this card you may exile target card from a graveyard.” Then it would be perfect imo

  • Happy The Cat

    grave hate when you need it, cantrip when you don’t. great card in a set with mechanics like embalm or the ugly split cards.
    better Rapid Decay. unless you are some multicolored deck that is light on black at the moment.

    • DarthinvaderIX

      I think the aftermath cards are pretty cleverly designed, why do so many people hate it?

      • Happy The Cat

        because it looks unglued. they already had the kamigawa layout if they wanted it, but instead they made the art frames super tiny.

        • God Enel

          With the Kamigawa style if you put the card sideways on the graveyard pike you will see the art and text sideways, with the new split cards if you put it sideways in the pile you will see the art and the text as normal, which is much better.

      • sansmyhands

        Because people, by nature, fear change…and in the age of memes, tweeters and the facebox fear is presented as snarky whining.

  • Avery Standley

    Why are they adding hate cards for specific decks other than Mardu Vehicles?

    • Shagoth

      They will ban Copy Cat and the plentiful artifact removal will suffice.

    • Nikolai Anzuoni

      This is mardu hate. Scrapheap.

      • Avery Standley

        That won’t prevent the vehicles and Gideon

        • munkeemanometal

          Does Gideon not rotate with this set? (Unless you mean the new one?)

          • God Enel

            Old Gideon doesn’t rotate, BFZ wasn’t supposed to be playable with Amonkhet, but since they changed the rotation cycle it’s gonna happen, now you can have 8 gideons in Standard lol.

          • I.R.Shnow

            12 if you count the planeswalker deck Gideon…

          • galen150

            nope, all the innistrad and zendiakr blocks will rotate with altazan.

  • Kahai

    Will see modern play in sideboards against Grixis aggro. Keep your eye on their graveyard and exile stuff before they can Tasigur. Seems decent. :3

  • tct93

    Can you do this in response to Scraphead Scrounger’s activated ability?

    • Dave

      Sure. Just note, that Scrapheap Scroungers could be activated again in response to Scarab Feast if the player has enough mana and creatures in graveyard available.

  • Shawn Michael Diaz

    At worst this is an instant speed 1 CMC draw spell in black. Scratch that, at worst this exiles up to 3 creatures from a single graveyard.

    • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

      Not just creatures. It says cards.

    • Soeck

      With all those card, playable from the Graveyard, this is pretty good.

    • galen150

      exile a card torrential is targeting? or let someone try to bring back scrapheap scrounger and exile it in responce(or any other graveyard recursion card for that matter)? exile embalm or after math cards? this thing isnt a main board card, but it sure as hell is a sideboard card most black decks will love to use and hate to be the target of.

      • Shawn Michael Diaz

        I don’t know why but I read it as creature only. Much happier knowing it’s any card! Still think the cycle cost is great but the effect is definitely better as is

  • Deadly Berry

    Excellent sideboard.

  • galen150

    so basically this is what eldrazi wanted and didnt have on zendikar