• BigBen

    Why rare?

    • Matthhou

      Because cycling I think.

      • Pauly

        “Forest Plains” not just Land

    • Balboa

      Fetchable Draw

      • Jonathan MacKinnon

        But fetching puts it on the battlefield, not to hand. So it can’t be cycled for the draw

        • Together Alone

          ok but if you draw it you can cycle it, and its a fetchable dual land also. its powerful.

          • BigBen

            ok thank you :)

          • Marvin Sürig

            One other point is that you can search you library for stuff like Plains, Swamps or Forests quite easily. And in a color where you have little card-draw-cards like white you can search you library for three plains (the forest/plains or Island/plains) and get some card advantage out of it. Plus if you adding one or two Crucible of Worlds you can even put them into play after that.
            There are some nice ways to get matchmaking points out of that. One option could be playing with “Knight of the Reliquary” which can pump her up instant speed. And it combos with “Life from the Loam” by milling your deck for 3 and gaining two lands and itself back to your hand ;) That would be 4 damage if you use “Seismic Assault” for {3}{G} or you use it to fill your hand with Lands to finish with “Lightning Storm”.
            Just some possibilities. I mean I’m no modern expert but something like that could work.
            Maybe it ends up becomes a crazy Jund “Life from the Loam” + “Borborygmos Enraged” Reanimation Deck. Or a Naya Landfall Deck.

        • Vizzerdrix

          You could play something like nissa pilgrimage or land grant and fetch to hand, pilgrimage would be fetch a land and draw overall not entirely terrible in edh

          • Except Nissa’s Pilgrimage specifies basic Forests.

    • The only time dual lands are printed below rare is if they’re very low power level (e.g. tap lands with little to no bonus) and/or in multicolor sets where mana fixing is a big priority.

  • Jacob Anderson

    Gitrog Monster deck with a bunch of these lands maybe? To bad there isn’t a Forest/Swamp one, maybe next set =)

    • Together Alone

      Just make a Jund deck, problem solved!!

      • Jacob Anderson

        That’s what i was thinking, although it might want more then 8 cycle lands, was thinking just play four of all the ones that are forest or swamp to make 16, not sure tho probably not even gona make the deck just a fun idea =)

  • Bige Boiy

    These all seem amazing in a 3-color loam edh deck, where you can chain loam and cycling and fetch for any of the duals :)

  • Nanya

    So… Will these be in enemy colors too?

    • Transgendent

      I assume those will be in Hour of Devestation

      • Hedronal

        I assumed the same of Oath of the Gatewatch.

    • Timothy Zaccagnino

      I assume so, but never 100% sure. There are no fetches in Standard right now so it seems safe to have all the Dual Lands.
      Also, they designed Amonkhet block expecting BFZ and OGW to rotate, so they probably wanted replacements for the enemy Manlands (Shambling Vent, Lumbering Falls, etc.)
      Just a guess :)

    • Presumably in some future set, if they’re popular enough

  • Vizzerdrix

    It’s kinda nice having non basics with basic land types but I don’t really care for these. Seems counter intuitive but I kinda wish these had land cycling

    • Hedronal

      Why put landcycling on something that’s already a land?

      • Vizzerdrix

        like i said it would be counter intuitive but i also feel like it could have worked. maybe something like a secluded steppe no land type with plains cycling instead of normal cycling, maybe not so much in this case but it could work in a slightly different set up

  • cement dorado

    fringe decks in modern and legacy. Modern: Splendid rec decks. Legacy: Astral Slide

    • Astral Slide is actually used in Legacy?

      • cement dorado

        Yes it is

  • Vizzerdrix

    i really want to look at this as being a possible budget horizon canopy but its so far off from canopy i cant see it really happening

    • As others have said, these will see play in Standard, EDH and some fringe Modern/Legacy decks where the cycling matters.