Scourge of Fleets - Journey into Nyx

Scourge of Fleets

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When Scourge of Fleets enters the battlefield, return each creature your opponents control with toughness X or less to its owner’s hand, where X is the number of Islands you control.

  • ultramegalord

    hahaha if this had flash it would be epic!

    • DeathMetalLlama

      Prophet of Kruphix would like a word with you

      • ultramegalord

        hahaha that would be a temposwing

  • ultramegalord

    its basicly a sorcery speed overloaded cyclonic rift on a 6/6…….

    • ultramegalord

      nvm. much worse than that.

  • Zombie

    Oh goodie, another Kraken for Tribal.

    (Too bad it’s terrible like all the others.)

    • kmk888

      It’s going to be a good curve topper for limited, just not costed appropriately for constructed.

      • Jak Odin Gem

        It’s Cyclonic Rift on a creature, 7 mana is fine. Any less and it would be stupid.

        • kmk888

          creature =/= nonland permanent, and if you aren’t in monoblue that isn’t necessarily the case, but I see your point. I still think they could have costed it at 6 and it might have been constructed playable though.

          • RomriDade

            What? A creature is a non-land permanent.

          • kmk888

            You misunderstand my meaning. A creature is a nonland permanent, a nonland permanent is not necessarily a creature. So the effect is not equivalent to Cyclonic Rift in my opinion because Rift hits more things and is more flexible. Just nagging about details, really.

  • dinner

    new junk reanimator target

  • GoDz_JtFr

    And suddenly my casual Quest for Ula’s Temple deck sang out in an immaculate chorus. Seriously, this is going to clear all the chumps that stand in my way.

  • LeonFA

    I don’t think its going to get there in Constructed since 7 is steep. I will say that almost every Mono Blue EDH deck wants this though. One sided borderline evacuation on a 6/6 for 7 is quite fine in that format.

  • James McElwain

    Can’t wait to get blown out by this in Limited :/

  • Nemo

    Brings it’s own Whelming Wave.