Scourge of the Throne - Conspiracy Visual Spoiler

Scourge of the Throne

  • Color: Red
  • Type: Creature - Dragon
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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Dethrone (Whenever this creature attacks the player with the most life or tied for most life, put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

Whenever Scourge of the Throne attacks for the first time each turn, if it’s attacking the player with the most life or tied for most life, untap all attacking creatures. After this phase, there is an additional combat phase.

  • Mike Thomas

    Is that a cogwheel in the background?

    • Adam Watson

      yes, yes it is

      • Daniel Kenmar

        Somehow this is now going to be nicknamed Steampunk Dragon… Even though the dragon itself isn’t. :P

  • Adam Watson

    going straight into every red edh deck i have

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Another set, another stupid dragon with some stupid ability. IT NEVER STOPS! AAAAARGH!

    • Daniel Kenmar

      This card is actually going to be pretty boss in Commander. Swing at the guy with the most life and get two attack steps? Yes please!

      • Fbn Dnl Schlr

        Yeah, unfortunately. Xenagod wants his dragon back.

  • YouGotFranked

    being a king on this plane must suck real bad.

  • Anon

    Will this go infinite with Kiki? Swing, untap, copy, swing with the token (counts as that card’s first attack trigger?).

    • Anon

      Nevermind. I didn’t see it was untap only attacking creatures

      • da

        Give Kiki vigilance?

        Even then, that’s not infinite I’d say, sooner or later, you’ll be the one with most life.

  • sweet. . .

  • James Quinton Hicks II

    Seems legit. I like him.