• Gord

    good combo with 2 ornithopters Kill one get back the other, sacrifice for infinite profit

    • Gord

      As I say that – does this even work – zero is not less than zero – nevermind

      • Zombie

        You yourself have already gotten to the root issue of this card.

        Its ability is strictly worse than that of the likes of Myr Retriever or Junk Diver, etc., which can be abused in infinite combos due to their ability not being restricted in terms of CMC.

        Scrap Trawler simply just doesn’t have the same range as something like Myr Retriever, which isn’t limited by CMC at all.

        Scrap Trawler likely won’t even see Commander play simply because it’s not necessary. A 3/2 body does not outweigh the fact that its ability isn’t useful in a format where you already have access to Myr Retriever and Junk Diver.

        • bullardo

          arcum dagsson says you r wrong

        • Zachary Holloway

          Daretti (Scrap Savant), Karn silver Golem, Arcum Dagsson, and Memnarch completely disagree with this…

          This card has FAR more utility than Junk Diver/Myr Retriever cause it’s an effect that stays on the board as opposed to the one time use you get from cards like Junk Diver/Myr Retriever

          • Zombie

            The problem isn’t the recursion, it’s the diminishing returns.

            It’s worse because you can’t naturally chain it. Whatever you bring back HAS to be smaller.

            Myr Retriever/ Junk Diver have no stipulation regarding CMC, and are far easier to utilize in a combo.

  • Tezzybros

    this plus bomat courier. maybe some workshop assistants. cool card is cool.
    (tezzeret approves)

  • Robert FakeLastName

    this might have some use in an egg style deck.

    • BalthasarH.

      Combine it with Lotus Petal/ Back(er) Lotus to cycle through your deck even more easily (each cracked egg returns the lotus to your hand).
      It’s a shame Lotus Petal isn’t legal in modern^^

  • Jakob Schneider

    Alright, looks like I’ll be brewing a lot of janky artifact decks once Aether Revolt’s spoiler season is over :D

    Among others, one with Myr Servitor, Myr Retriever, Locket of Yesterdays, and this dude.

  • That Guy

    Gives all your artifacts the equivalent of soulshift? Yes please!

    • Zombie

      You say that, but Soulshift has never really been a “playable” mechanic.

      It was great for recycling old threats in limited but that’s about it.

      • Trevor Terry

        Soulshift also only specifically targeted a single creature subtype, whereas this applies to all artifacts.

        • Zombie

          That still doesn’t make it good.

          It forcibly stops itself from chaining. That makes it bad.

          • Trevor Terry

            .. Restoration Angel forcibly stops herself from chaining, did that make her inherently bad? No, The fact that it’s not limited to itself, and that it gives your OTHER artifacts the ability too, means if you get boardwiped with an army full of artifact creatures, you’ll be able to recover at least a few of them from your graveyard.

  • Zachary Holloway

    This card’s looking like my top pick for my new Daretti deck, that and Paradox Engine… LIKE FUUUUUUU