• Kahai

    Works well in UR Burn. especially since it’s a body and doesn’t exile itself, cough cough Shreds of Sanity cough cough

  • Guy

    Pauper EDH GOLD. Especially if your playing Black. AUTO-INCLUDE.

  • Kumrag


  • Cynical Bastards

    its not often we see a blue creature with the type cleric, from the art I thought it would be a wizard. looks really cool though


      Because Flavour of the Plane:
      Clerics are for Gods and all Gods here have their own clerics

  • Kyle Shultz

    Love this actually B/R burn… That body does work for 3cmc

  • Jalais

    It’s no Snapcaster, but at common I’ll take a bunch of these in draft please.

  • MotokoBibliophobe

    This could have been such a good embalm target. *sniffles*