• Justus Bruestle

    Amazing. Speaking of Merfolk I would love to be a being that can go anywhere under water, walk on land, and learn to freaking fly. why can’t I be a Merfolk. This Merfolk even have legs instead of stupid fish tails.

  • Laws

    This is kind of crazy. Play some early Merfolk, drop this, swing, draw. Best Ixalan Merfolk?

    • Jalais

      Best friends with Herald of Secret Streams or Open into Wonder.

  • CMK


  • Shagoth

    I understand why people hate merfolk. Since the beginning of the game, they’ve been ridiculous. Every other creature in its cycle had a three mana lord, Merfolk had the most aggressive one.

  • Hedronal

    I feel like loads of those secrets would be lost to whatever holds them either drowning or becoming illegibly waterlogged.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    I really want to make a deck abusing this, Deeproot Elite and Herald of Secret Streams…