• Random Guy

    First Chart a Course and now this, they are really buffing blue card draw (probably a good idea)

  • Laws

    How is no one talking about this card?? 3 cards for 3 mana at best, Divination at worst. This is the most insane thing I’ve seen spoiled in a long time.

    • Jalais

      Ascend seems a little trickier for blue heavy decks to hit, and I’d be surprised is Temur would cut anything for this. Maybe in w/u GPG? But they prefer chart a course.

      • Laws

        I feel like blue sorcery-speed card draw is more often played in mid-range decks like Sultai. No, I don’t see control decks playing it, but I do think this is an important card that people should be talking about.

  • Giby86 .


    • Derek Niles

      Ascend seems really tough in blue pauper, especially when it has some of the best cantrips ever printed to compete with, but I’d love to play around with it

      • Giby86 .

        Yeah, I’m afraid you’re right…but maybe as a one-of for refilling your hand in the late game…you’re going to get to 10 permanents eventually, and drawing 3 is straight up awesome when you’re empty.