Setessan Tactics - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Setessan Tactics

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Strive – Setessan Tactics costs Green Mana more to cast for each target beyond the first.

Any number of target creatures each get +1/+1 and gain “Tap Symbol: Fight another target creature.”

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Is this what green needs? I don’t know. It’s an Instant, so it’s EOT or block step creature removal.

    Could be a sleeper in Standard, could be a EDH staple. Hard to tell.

  • Bob1981

    This with godsend will be good, very good. I believe that G/W deck will be quite fearsome with all the love its getting this set

    • Bob1981

      Dam, misread godsend, Block or blocked creature, nevermind then.. my mistake

  • ultramegalord

    i like it a better [[pit fight]]

    • ultramegalord

      …. shame its tap to fight though…….

  • Robert Kupper

    Pretty sure the translation is missing an “Until end of turn.”
    I am not sure where, but I know this card will find a very comfortable home. Even if it is conditional, it is green creature removal. Its a heroic enabler, its even a combat trick. The synergy with deathtouch and vigilance is potent. I am tempted to run a fight/deathtouch deck now.

    • Matt

      This card would be best for blood baron. First Strike & Deathtouch. Which means your creature wouldn’t take damage. Fleecemane lion would be a good combo with it.

      • bob

        first strike doesn’t matter if you use this card.

      • Robert Kupper

        Indeed, your creature is taking damage regardless. Deathtouch lets it trade with anything, lifelink lets you gain life, but first strike only effects combat, which a fight is not.

  • Josh Kaufman

    You can play this, or you can play polukranos. Chances are with all the removal out there creatures won’t be around long. And for limited the heroic is fine, but I don’t think heroic is seeing play anytime soon.

    • Nitro

      Don’t underestimate heroic. I run a r/w token/counter storm. One of my main cards is Phalanx Leader; giving every creature i control a 1/1 counter is a big help in an Elspeth deck.

  • kmk888

    Blowout card in limited, probably not playable in standard (because it overlaps too much with Polukranos)

  • Krabopaszczak

    It’s Japanese. He’s attacking the neck of the tiant. Woah.

  • dinner

    finally something that kills hexproof creatures

    • guest

      actually it cant because it says target creature so then so much for that

      • dinner

        nope, you’re wrong

      • YouGotFranked

        Don’t listen to him, he’s a troll.

    • quest

      if you want something that kills hexproof and shroud get godsend it doesn’t say target and it exiles

      • dinner

        nope, you’re wrong

  • Dinner

    finally something that can target hex proof

  • shinning darkness

    vigilance plus this, declare attack, than tap to fight b4 blockers declared. eliminate creatures and hit them for good amount of damage