• Mathias Juul Møller

    Hmmm, Wheel of Fortune? Or the blue god..

  • MrAptronym

    I love this kind of card. The ones that are just challenges waiting to be abused. Sure, wheel effects are the obvious way, but I wonder what other uses there might be.

    • Umbacano

      Maybe something involving Isochron Scpter and Lion Eye’s Diamond ?
      Well, probably not…

    • Umbacano

      Or something with Scrige Familiar and Yawgmoth’s Bargain ?
      But I guess you don’t need it to win the game anyway.
      Just ideas…

      • DJ Pad

        You know, in all those formats where Bargain is legal…

    • ymmij X

      New perspective deck really wants to be a thing

    • Happy The Cat

      Isochron Scepter, Amok, Gyre Sage and possibly Fathom Mage? then… like Paradox Engine or something? once gyre gets a third counter this goes infinite. technically, it can go indefinite once gyre has two counters on it but you need a third mana for Amok to start throwing away your hand…

  • kk

    what if you cycle a card, then draw this card, only to play this card, to return the cycled card. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • DJ Pad

      Then you’ve spent likely 4 mana to draw a card.

      • Kitnz

        But you get 20 Style points, which you can redeem at the memorabilia shop located in the future.

  • Nobody

    None of you are ambitious enough. Combine this with the new card that makes cycling free. Cycle as many cards as you want. Get ALL OF THEM BACK

  • Joseba Beloki

    seismic assault / zombie infestation

    • DJ Pad

      Seismic assault has loam, which is a much better card. This isn’t worth splashing black. Zombie infestation is making like 20 zombies anyway, I don’t think that making it 40 will change the outcome of the game.

      • sansmyhands

        Redundancy. Also, while Loam IS a better card, this is potentially better in a Seismic Assault deck if you ever have 4+ lands in hand.

        • DJPad

          How often is that going to be the case, unless you already have loam to fill your hand with lands?

  • Happy The Cat

    hey… guys… this fits on Isochron Scepter… just thought that should be pointed out… you know, for combo stuff and what have you…

  • Philippe

    Fluctuator deck in Legacy could abuse of that…

  • kk

    this card is insane… NUTS!! Vintage and Legacy playability…. Combo,, etc etc. The discarded part is the broken thing about it…
    Dack Fayden
    Bazaar of Baghdad
    etc etc

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    Don’t worry, Leovold, I know Atraxa got the best stuff, but we saved a little something for you.

  • gg

    jeskai ascendancy.. lol. Draw discard, draw discard … etc etc… you can even use Street Wraith to net you cards lol.


  • gg

    or just a value deck with Baby Jace, Street Wraith.. etc.

  • Gord

    Turn 1: swamp, dark ritual, one with nothing, this – Go

    • hg

      that´s not the right sequence… first you have to cast Shadow of the Grave and respond with
      One with Nothing… One with Nothing has to resolve first.

      But you´re going down 3 cards ( Dark Ritual, Shadow of the Grave and One with Nothing) for nothing.

      • Gord

        I wasn’t serious – but you’re right about the sequence

  • DJ Pad

    Honestly, this card seems pretty bad. Most of the time all it’s going to do is net you a card of two via cycling or net you a couple “discard effects”. If it didn’t have the “this turn” clause, I could see it being good, but as is it’s probably reserved for some janky combo.

    • Tolle

      Wheel of fortune laughs at this comment

    • Hedronal

      No “this turn” clause means memory issues.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Clearly an Eternal combo card.

    • Zombie

      Vintage maybe. Every other format has to do too much work for this to pay off

  • Zombie

    This seems like the next Paradoxical Outcome.

    Garbage everywhere except Vintage where it has an entire deck.

    Although this seems hilarious with Street Wraith and Wheel effects.

    • Bungis

      Lion’s Eye Diamond?

      • Happy The Cat

        well, seeing as you have to discard your hand to use that you better get pretty lucky if you want to use this.

        • Bungis

          I don’t follow, you only need x lion’s eyes and this to make loads of mana. Each lion’s eye beyond the first is functionally a lotus

        • sansmyhands

          You cast this, then activate LED in response, just like with Infernal Tutor. Granted, you’ve just effectively turned your LED into a Lotus Petal…

          • Demiurgo

            Nah, bro. You made your LED into a Black Lotus.

          • sansmyhands

            No, you spent two mana on the Shadow, cracked LED for three mana and get all of your cards back to your hand. You net one mana.

    • Happy The Cat

      well, you can put it on Isochron Scepter, and with a way to untap like Paradox Engine you effectively can have infinite cards to discard as long as you can make two mana. I mean that is at least commander playable right?

      • Zombie

        Commander takes way too long to set it up for it to me more relevant than other options, especially cards like Faith’s Reward and similar effects.

        I could see it having an impact on Canadian Highlander.

        • Happy The Cat

          well, all the parts of the combo can do several different things by themselves, and you can put any two drop in the staff to make it go infinite with the rest of the stuff. the real thing that makes this a bit stronger is that there are a lot of cards with repeatable discard like Amok or Survival of the Fittest.
          You could probably run this in some active mass combo deck with Yidris that has like twenty ways to make loops that end games.

  • Jacob Bachand

    Not obviously broken in standard, but maybe a UB or Esper Control Deck in standard using Drake Haven and lots of cheap cycling could use this as a big turn “going off”. Cycle/pitch stuff to make drakes, then refill your hand for 2 mana.

  • David Franco Cabrera

    Bring back cadaverous bloom!

    • David Franco Cabrera

      Drop hand for big prosperity and then discard entire hand for mana again and play this bring back all those cards discard again and repeat process for the game winning drain life or storm seeker

    • Demiurgo

      Cadaverous Bloom make you exile a card from your hand, not discard, so no deal buddy.

  • Typhuzuzu13

    THere was that snake that got +1/+1 when you discarded….

  • Derek Niles

    with that card that makes cycle cost 0, this is sort of like a Past in Flames. Clearly not as good but its something to consider I think


      No it makes
      Black Card Draw (X)(1)(B)
      Additional Cost:
      Reval X Cards with Cycling from hand with whole cost = X
      Draw X Cards and all Cycling Effects on those Cards trigger once per card

      (pay the colored Mana for X if they have other cycling costs blabla)
      You may reval cards drawn this way with cycing and pay their cycling costs blabbla bla
      (they have contact to your graveyard)

  • Phillip Reid

    Honestly, much needed effect in a cycling heavy set. There would need to be some real payoff cards for maindecking this but, definitely worth a look as standard goes forward with Amonkhet in it.

  • kmk888

    I love it when they take a card that may be its very own deck and put dope art on it. It makes it more iconic.

    This card seems like it will have a combo deck in Standard. I’m eyeing up New Perspectives a lot more closely now. Even without it though it’s a great draw spell.

  • Shagoth

    Hail Nonmyths Will! Instead of comboing with Magic ftw, it only does it with certain decks.
    Also, Madness Vampires, still a thing guys, why isn’t it tier one yet? It should be given how pushed it is.
    (Btw, please don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question)

  • Chavo

    Nahiri’s Wrath and collective defiance nuff said!

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Forgotten Creation ?

  • Kahai

    Can’t believe no one’s posted it.

    This combo’s out with Noose Constrictor and any of the pumping creatures like the newly spoiled Shadowstorm Vizier. :D

  • Cynical Bastards

    turn one birds of paradise (or any mana producing creature idec)
    turn two snek (noose constrictor)
    turn three you have 4 mana first one use tainted strike to give snek infect, use another to make snek unblockable with slip through space, ditch the rest of your cards except shadow of the grave to the snek, use the last two mana to get the cards back that you discarded ditch the rest of your hand to snek, swing in for lethal
    would that work
    idk what the rest of the deck would be