Shape the Sands - Dragons of Tarkir Spoile

Shape the Sands

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Target creature gets +0/+5 and gains reach until end of turn.

Dragons in flight seldom expect company
-Kadri, Dromoka warrior

  • Angrygnome

    I want a playset of these for my Butts deck.

    • Melissa Juice

      I hope that’s the official title.

      • Angrygnome

        It’s a Sultai/Phenax shell I have from when Khans came out, just need to re-work it a bit to abuse Assault Formation. Cast Shape the Sands on the Durdle Turtle, cast Kin Tree Invocation to get a 14/14 token, tap the Turtle to mill 14, untap everything the following turn using the Prophet of Cruphix. Generally durdle about with giant control beats.

        • Melissa Juice

          Sounds fun.

  • richardshort2001

    Assault Formation

    • Melissa Juice

      Oh lord…

    • Hans Giesfeldt

      doran players start cackling maniacally