• Ubu

    This would be brilliant in standard merfolk if it’s abilities weren’t so expensive.

    • TheAweDude

      Training Grounds reprint in Rivals?

      • Ubu

        If that were to happen, it would make this card really good in a merfolk deck with the other +1/+1 merfolk

    • galen150

      it still could be. throw in some of those 3 mana guys from amonkhet that tap for 2 mana and make it tempo. this and the guy that makes creatures with 1/1 counters unblockable will probably see play together. and with censor and essence scatter giving them cheap counter spells to play the first few turns, it really is a solid deck so far. not fast or broken, but solid

      • Ubu

        I completely agree, I’m really excited for standard merfolk

        • galen150

          oh, sounded like you didnt like it at all because the abilities were too expensive. personally think the first ability should be 3 and the 2nd be 4 mana. otherwise pretty nice.

          • Ubu

            Nah, I like it, but I still think it’s abilities are too expensive, but the card is good, and there are ways to work around the high ability cost.

  • Ry0t

    This + metalic mimic + the enchantment that pumps out 1/1 merfolk seems like a good card draw engine for a midrange deck.

    • galen150

      or replace this with the guy that makes creatures with counters unblockable. either way, pretty solid synergy

  • Zombie

    Good lord, since when did Battlegrowth cost 4 mana?

    Can’t complain too much, though, at least it’s better than Golgari Guildmage. (Not exactly a high bar)

    • Aurore

      Battlegrowth began costing 4 mana when it came stapled onto a 3/3 for 3 with a mini “Take” effect to make use of the counters as well.

  • Santuli

    I like it. Not flashy, but can do a lot. Ok body for the cost. Especially in Limited.
    Reminds me of Zameck Guildmage quite a bit

  • Dave


  • Derek Niles

    Can probably find a home in my Vorel EDH deck, anything that draws me cards is good

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Training Grounds ! :D