Shock - Aether Revolt Spoiler


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Shock deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

  • Nebulium

    Its no lightning bolt, but shock has pulled it’s weight more than once before. Maybe it can do it again?

  • eltratzo

    welcome back old friend. you may not be the strongest amongst your kind but you were there for us when we needed you before and now you have returned to help us out once again.

  • Happy The Cat
    • Happy The Cat

      also calling when this barely effects standard wizards will be like, wow burn really isnt that scary. we might even get a searing blaze knock off.

      • Shagoth

        Sneazing Blaze
        Deal one point of damage to target creature.
        Ferocious/Landfall/Revolt-If a land entered the battlefield and a permanent left the battlefield this turn, meanwhile you control a creature with a power 4 or greater, deal another point of damage to another creature.

        • Hedronal

          “Revolt” – I think you spelled Morbid wrong. Also needs metalcraft.

      • eltratzo

        well they seem to have made a fair effort to make sure it appears. there is a rather large amount of 2/2s and 3/2s in this set that might see play. and each of those that appears makes it more likely for shock to also become popular to answer them. (though oven if they make an appearance fatal push might answer them well enough to overshadow shock.)

    • Kaiser

      for some reason i expect this comment so hard bro XDDDDDD

  • Noatzon

    Oh fank the holy potatoes in the sky! Finally i can consider playing standard again!

  • Alex Egertsen

    i am in a bit of a Shock, they reprinted this again for standard and limited reasons

  • Kyle Shultz

    Any one else think of fear factory when someone plays this card……. SHOCK!!!!!

  • Norsdef

    Uncommon Lightning Bolt in a near set!

    • Zombie

      Lightning Bolt will never return to Standard. If it does, Red wins the pro tour without fail.

      • Norsdef

        Uncommon Counterspell in the same set! I WANT TO BELIEVE!

        • Zombie

          If Counterspell is ever reprinted in Standard, I’m literally going to sell all of my cards and quit playing Magic.

          Because that’s the sign that Wizards has gone off the deep end and they’re gonna kill their game.

          • Shagoth

            It’s powerful but not OP, it allows blue control to, you know, start controlling before halfway through the game.

          • Norsdef

            I’m just tired to see good green cards and just a few blue

          • Zombie

            Bad players complain when spells are too good, so Wizards has to cater to the Timmies for Standard.


  • guest

    Lightning bolt is the most frequently played spell in modern (even warps the whole format around it!) and is heavily played in legacy AND vintage. People calling for a standard reprint don’t know what a catastrophic impact it will have. Red will be by far the strongest color and every other color will splash red just for a playset.

    • ConDucktor Whirl Crate God

      Good thing that this isn’t lightning bolt then…

    • God Enel

      Wrong. A single strong card doesn’t make the entire color the strongest, and splashing a color for a single card is not that easy to do in Standard where there are no fetches to make a good mana base, that only happens in other formats because fetches exist. Even if some people did splash red just for a playset of Bolt, what about Smuggler’s Copter? Every single creature deck has a playset of that, and it doesn’t even require you to hurt your mana base for it, it’s a lot worse in my opinion. Bolt is not that big of a deal, and neither is Counterspell if they decide to reprint it.

      • Pandancules

        “splashing a color for a single card is not that easy to do in Standard” tell that to mardu vehicles splashing blue for ceremonious rejection

        • God Enel

          It’s doable but not easy, and it definitely doesn’t work every time, that’s why it’s so rare.

      • guest

        if you so badly want to play both lightning bolt and counterspell, you should start playing legacy (a very fun and interactive format btw, i cannot recommend it enough).

        but i do think that both of these cards are so immensely more powerful than anything else printed in standard that, if they should be reprinted, UR will be the only viable color combination. i mean, collected company did the same thing with green a while ago

        • God Enel

          I do play legacy, and I’m telling you Bolt is so amazing there because it has other amazing red cards to go along with it, and splashes are easy due to the mana base. That’s not the case in standard, and Counterspell isn’t even that powerful, most blue legacy decks only play FoW and Daze. If they reprinted Bolt and Counterspell right now, it might push the UR control deck to Tier 1, but it wouldn’t break the format in any way.

          • guest

            just curious: do you think there will be viable decks that can afford NOT to play lightning bolt and counterspell? being able to answer every creature for only R and countering every spell for only UU sounds pretty damn oppressing.

          • God Enel

            Bolt can’t answer every creature, far from it, and even if it could (it can’t), if you only have 1 Bolt in your hand, you can only kill one creature. Bolt is no Path to Exile. Have you seen Fatal Push? It can kill as many creatures as Bolt for the same mana, and it can even kill bigger ones like Siege Rhino when you trigger Revolt, and yet that card is being printed. Counterspell is not that big of a deal, control decks need a good 2 mana counter to be viable, that’s why there’s no Tier 1 control deck in standard.

          • guest

            I agree that standard and modern both need a good 2cmc counterspell but i don’t think it should be actual counterspell. it would invalidate every future 2+ cmc counter they print for the rest of the game. kind of like it was a good idea to print Fatal Push and not simply Murder for only one B.

            Speaking of the latter: Push is still not strictly better than Bolt, because you can throw the latter in the opponent’s face and win that way (a very significant use for that card).

          • God Enel

            They can just keep reprinting Counterspell over and over like they do with Negate, and even if they don’t do that, it’s not that bad, we haven’t seen a white removal spell as good as Path to Exile since the day it was printed, such is life. I also think it’s important to reprint Counterspell because it will make it available for Modern, which needs it really bad.

            Yes you can Bolt the face, which is important, but you only mentioned creatures when you talked about Bolt, so I used Push as a comparison for creatures.

          • guest

            some think path to exile was a mistake for this exact reason, that there will never ever be a white removal spell even remotely as good as path for the rest of the game. reprinting counterspell in standard means nobody will ever ever play negate, remand, mana leak, …actually every other 2+ cmc counterspell there is ever again.

            while i agree that control needs help in modern, i would be cautious and start reprinting stuff like arcane denial, memory lapse, miscalculation and prohibit (or print new counterspells of a similar powerlevel). if every one of those really don’t do it, then we can talk again about actual counterspell (if it gets reprinted too early and it turns out to be overpowered, there will be no more turning back).

          • God Enel

            I doubt people would stop playing Mana Leak because of Counterspell, decks that want efficient counters would use both. Even if people did stop using the other ones, so what? Cards that used to be staples lose their place when a better one comes around, it happens all the time.

            Yes, there will be a turning back, all wizards has to do is ban it, problem solved.

          • guest

            i guess wizards could do that. printing it and banning it when it gets out of control. but why don’t they do it? perhaps it goes against their desigh philosophy or something…

          • guest

            you know? i thought about it a little bit:

            there is so much interesting design space between the power level of current 2 cmc counters like mana leak and acutal counterspell. fatal push per example would have been far less interesting if it simply was a 1 mana murder. they close the window forever if they reprint counterspell, like they did with path, bolt and so on. that’s why in the end i still hope for printings of powerful counterspells but not for THE counterspell.

    • Guest 101

      I totally agree…despite being a red player that wants a machine gun with armor piercing rounds :)

      However…Make RED Great Again…lol :)

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    Shock is back baby!

  • Insight66

    I’m not shocked

  • Shagoth

    Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually happy this got a reprint.

  • Napstablook

    hey, that’s somewhat decent!

  • kmk888

    Shock has almost always been good enough.

  • Wizards sure is spooked about burn/red aggro all of a sudden considering they printed Monastery Swiftspear not even a year and a half ago