Shorestalker Elemental - Dragons of Tarkir Spoiler

Shorecrasher Elemental

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Blue Mana: Exile Shorecrasher Elemental, then return it to the battlefield face down under its owner’s control.

1 Mana: Shorecrasher Elemental gets +1/-1 or -1/+1 until end of turn.

Megamorph 4 ManaBlue Mana (You may cast this card face down as a 2/2 creature for 1 Mana. Turn it face up at any time for its megamorph cost and put a +1/+1 counter on it.)

  • Name

    Welcome back mono-u devotion!

  • Pepper Pirate

    I kind of wish you had the option to blink it face-up as well.

  • Gabriel

    I like the aetherling wannabe

    • Seregios MH


      • gabriel

        morphling didn’t evade board sweepers

        • gabriel

          nvm… neither does this guy

          • Thomas Richards

            He dodges Ugin’s -X…

        • Kameenook

          Aetherling does though.

  • Hey guys, it’s an elemental. And it has LOTS of blue devotion. Quiz time! What card absolutely loves blue devotion and elementals?

    • Pepper Pirate

      Good point. I’m curious to see how a Thassa // Shorecrasher Elemental // Master of Waves deck could work now that you mention it.

      • Trouble is that this guy and Thassa are on the same CMC. That makes it a little sad. But we could just play thassa turn 5 after MoW hits, and use the extra two mana to either make the Elemental unblockable or keep him alive from removal. Seems pretty awesome.

        • Kevan Kramer

          The whole costing the same as Thassa was never a problem in the old monoblue decks and it won’t be in this standard either.

        • Lol, Thassa costing the same as Nightveil never caused any problems, I don’t see why it would with this one.

  • ramenloverninja

    Modern playable EAtherling?

    • Kameenook

      Maybe modern playable, has to be mono-blue devotion though.

  • Zombie

    Mono Blue Devotion and Control decks alike can get some insane mileage out of this.

    This is a really exciting card. Bringing back two archetypes at once while sporting a new mechanic makes this just really cool.

    It’s pretty good, and I can’t imagine it not seeing some play.

    • Djough Smytthe

      I agree, maybe some Master of Waves action?

      • Kameenook

        Of course, just the two of them alone would give you 4 2/1 elementals, a 2/1 pro red body, and a 4/4 creature that can pump itself or flicker itself.

      • Zombie

        It’s making me die a little inside because I sold off my Mono Blue Devotion deck for extra tix on MTGO so I could afford the last card I needed for Vintage.


  • Melissa Juice

    Gorgeous art. Love to see an artist’s brushstrokes.

    Card itself is crazy. Hmmm.

  • Matt86

    Are “crappy mythics” some kind of circle in this edition?
    The Biorhythm-Shaman, that stupid Dinosaur, and now, we get THIS! Not complaining about the Elder Dragons, but every nondragon, non-planeswalker mythic so far has been extremely unimpressive. I mean, shouldn’t at least one be… you know, good in a format other than “maybe Standard”… like, EDH? I can remember most mythics being useless in Standard and awesome for EDH in older editions. Now, it’s basically the other way around.
    Why precisely is a water servant with useless morph mechanic in the mythic slot?
    Longing for the Innistrad days, when you knew why a mythic was a mythic.

    • Aaron Seet

      there’s still two unknown mythic to go, so hope can still come assuming those 2 actually are “worth”

      • eyecuable

        sarkhan and ojutai

        • Lord_of_Riots

          Pleeeeeease let Ojutai be 1 mana less, like Kolaghan was 1 cmc more. 7 is outlandish for the effect he had in FRF.

          • Kameenook

            Ojutai is out, and damn is she strong.

      • Matt86

        One of those will be Sarkhan, and while I’m really rooting for Wizards to go “F you!” and just reprint the Khans Sarkhan with an alternate artwork to show that the whole plane has changed, but he’s still the same, it will probably be a new one. Then, there is the last mythic, and, if I had to guess, it’ll probably be another black card, so here’s hoping for some decent graveyard interaction… you knoww, something that actually brings creatures back from the graveyard instead of exiling them, so my Karador EDH can get even more absurd ^^

    • Lord_of_Riots

      Yeah this entire set has been straight awful, im actually really surprised. Atarkas command seems good, Narset is good, Sidisi is OK, and the rest are trash.

      • Matt86

        Sidisi is straight up awesome in Commander, or, more precise, as a Commander, Narset is very good in the right deck, even if I don’t share the hype. I don’t think the set is aweful by any means, I just think the nondragon, nonplaneswalker mythics are mostly crappy.
        I do realize my standards are high, as I think every set should have at least one card that shares the power level of Snapcaster Mage (multi-format staple that changes the game) and three or four cards with the power level of Genesis Wave (spells that don’t do much for any format, really, but are auto-includes in many EDH decks)

        • Lord_of_Riots

          It seems as though the strategy for design in this set is, rather than have multiple cards that make new strategies and warp the format to make it feel like a new set has been released, to keep the status quo and make sure nothing makes too big a splash in an already established paradigm. Which makes the cards garbage in every format outside of the rotating ones.

          • Matt86

            Yup, seems that way… I mean, it’s okay, Khans almost killed the eternals when R&D didn’t think about the fact that a delve spell that costs only one specific mana is not a good idea.
            So I can see that they probably want to be careful about the mechanics for a while until legacy has recovered ^^

      • Melissa Juice

        This set is fantastic. So much good stuff.

    • Melissa Juice

      This card is excellent.

  • gisuilbuglfdhxd


  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    The power level vs. casting cost and activation cost of abilities in
    this set seems way off from what it has been for…. Years and years.

    5 cmc morph costs just so you can get 1x +1/+1 counter? Ludicrous. Even
    in standard. And then to slap that on a mythic that already has a
    prohibitive casting cost and has dubious abilities…

    was a force to be reckoned with years ago. Mainly because it had three
    abilities that allowed it do do almost anything you would want in
    combat. It was basically this card with Shroud, Flying and Vigilance on
    tap. Without those it would have been awful. Costs more mana than this, but this card is actually more mana prohibitive because it is 3 blue.

    Aetherling was 6
    mana, but it was worth it. It dodged targeted removal AND board wipes
    and was unblockable and had a better body. It was a rare. Not a
    mythic. Costs more mana than this, but this card is actually more mana prohibitive because it is 3 blue.

    “But it can dodge removal with it’s flicker ability.”

    Yea. If you want it to become a vanilla 2/2 and have to pay 5 mana to get it back to being a real creature. No thanks.

    the other mythic rare morph card spoiled, this card could be alright if the
    morph activation cost was something like “reveal a blue card from your
    hand” instead of 5 mana..

    • BlahBlahBlahBla

      Meh. I guess i shouldn’t be so negative. I do like fair, slow, grindy magic. I enjoy gameplay like that more than goldfish combo/blowout games.

      I think what’s erking me is the banning of Birthing Pod in modern and their excuse for it being: “It scales better than any other card in the format and limits the strength of creatures we can produce in the future.”

      I assumed (incorrectly) that they would be pulling out some creatures that would be able to duke it out with Tarmogoyf and provide some more fun agro and midrange options in other formats than standard.

      I guess i was wrong in my assumption. :p

      • Kameenook

        Tasigoyf and Siege Rhino have made ripples in the modern format. Playing Junk is far better than it used to be.

        • BlahBlahBlahBla

          Precisely, myself and other people were anticipating midrange creatures that can be used outside of junk to open up the archetype a bit more.

          • OSFerret

            They printed Roast

      • Melissa Juice

        Birthing Pod deserved the ban.

    • Lol dude, it’s a mythic because of it’s limited playability, not it’s constructed playability

      • Chris Orchard

        Though even then I don’t see that many people playing this. It is just too much work. You will probably get it out turn 5. I’d be disappointed if I opened this

        • Yeah, because of the triple U it’s not that great in draft. But if it was only a rare, then you might get two or three of these, then you would just shrek.

          • BlahBlahBlahBla

            Why would it be good to have several of these? Are you hoping to have an infinite amount of mana to use several of these creature’s activated abilities? Probably not.

          • Because if you get several of these you could just go mono blue in draft and have no problems casting them. If you only get one, unless already heavily invested in blue, you’re probably not gonna play it, or be able to cast it turn 3 or even 4 if you do play it.

      • BlahBlahBlahBla

        3 blue casting cost in a limited meta that is reliant on playing multiple colors?

    • Kameenook

      Wow are you dense.

      • BlahBlahBlahBla

        Wow are you good at useless ad hominem.

        • Kameenook

          I am good at a lot of things, that being one of them.

  • kmk888

    I still don’t think that MonoU will be Tier 1 until we see a new UU creature… But this will make some waves. Geddit?

    • OSFerret

      Honestly… I would run Mindreaver just because it has the 2 devotion.

      • kmk888

        But until you get a better card than that, the deck is going to seriously suffer.

        • Happy The Cat

          we have 2-3 unblockables in the one mana slot
          reaver and Frost Walker take the two mana
          this, thassa and cloudform are in the three mana slot
          then we have master of waves and maybe m15 jace for the four mana slot

  • Kameenook

    Oh wow. Mono-Blue devotion.

  • richardshort2001

    I could see a UG Morph/manifest based deck maybe actually working. Blue is getting the best megamorphers for sure.

  • not the same guest

    The fact that this wasn’t called Megamorphling is a travesty, a sham, and a mockery.

    Its a traveshamockery!

    • kmk888

      I could actually forgive the godawful ability name that is Megamorph if that were the case. Well, at least there’s a good nickname.

  • Wes Field

    Wow, R&D is just determined to make Master of Waves good again.