• Zombie

    Wizards just keeps reprinting Sign in Blood so Conley Woods is forced to play Mono Black.

    • MaloBeto

      Now all we need are suitable replacements for Griselbrand, and Liliana.

      • Kevan Kramer

        Not in this set, but maybe in Theros.

  • GRUULman

    I love this card. Card drawing advantage is worth more then life, as long as you are alive. And as a usual mono black player in the game, my philosophy is always: Power At ANY COST.

    2 mana, 2 extra draws, only 2 loss of life?

    Card advantage? in early game? Awesome!!

    • Soundwave 2

      This card is good for more than early advantage. It can win you games if your opponent has 10 or less life.

      • Zombie

        Unless you Sign in Blood them, they draw one of their bombs or removal, and you lose.

        One way ticket on the Feel Bad Express to Scoop Town.