• Random Guy

    I don’t get it…?

    • Justus Bruestle

      This would shut down God Pharaoh’s Gift because its an ability. You also wouldn’t be able to use reanimate spells. It stops Scarab God from stealing cards and a lot of other stuff. Ashes of the Abhorrent only stops stuff like Embalm and Internalize, this stops everything else.

      • Umbacano

        It doesn’t stop God Pharoah’s Gift since its ability doesn’t target though.

        • Justus Bruestle

          I know I figured that out after I commented. It would be nice if it did though.

    • Polis_Ohio

      Scarab-God hate.

  • drewskii

    full stop to gifts decks. love it

    • Jalais

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but GPG doesn’t target.

      • Justus Bruestle

        Dang it Wizards screwed up. Well since reanimation is a thing again it still might be useful but it kinda sucks it can’t be used against the biggest graveyard deck right now. Of course there are lots of ways to beat GPG, I mean I almost beat one with a mill deck not to long ago, its not invincible, but its still a shame.

  • Jalais

    4 to crack it? Relic this aint.

  • Hedronal

    Self-exile is part of the effect, not the cost, so it can be bounced between them.

  • Hedronal

    Is this Grim Captain a person we’ll hear about? Maybe even see?

    • Dave

      Seems like Ixalan’s version of a grim reaper-like myth to me but who knows, could become a card at some point.

  • Happy The Cat

    huh, never seen/heard a Loud Gravestone before, sounds like it’d be kinda scary, or a bad death metal band.
    As for this card, it’s a amalgamation of Ground Seal and Relic of Progenitus. Both are great anti grave cards, we’ll have to see if 4 generic is just too much though. With Gift and the new reanimation land this will be an Important sideboard tool for standard.

    • Usgo

      Well with all the Zombies in Innistrad, it wouldn’t surprise me if the gravestones get a bit vocal.

  • Chris Tomsky

    Silent Gravestone, 1 Colorless Mana, Artifact, “Tell Scarab God to get the F#$& out of the metagame.”