• Guest

    This is pretty sweet to see, I feel kind of relieved that they bumped it up to rare, I almost wouldn’t want to play draft at all with this any lower (especially if it had stayed common *shudders*)

  • Kahai

    Yummy. :3

  • Ultramegalord

    Alright. Give me rain of tears, stone rain, wake of destruction, and dingus egg so I can live the dream of land destruction in draft

  • SomeRandomPlayer

    Aaaaaand…Now my LGS needs a rules update for its pauper FNM’s. We’d been running with Gatherer commons without much of a problem as no one here likes combo or red from the look of the field, we had only the occasional spike come that ran Hymn in MBC, and this card was out of the budget (for a pauper deck) as a 4-of for anyone that wanted to use it…until now.

  • Christopher Lacey

    Wow oh wow, bumped common into rare status… well, I guess it probably should be a rare lolz, sinkhole so strong though I wish it were reprinted at most as an uncommon… like the new artwork on this

  • Happy The Cat

    oh, good, they gave land hate to black again, this should end well

  • ZomboJenkins


  • DJ Pad

    So who is going to be the fun killer who drafts this, counterspell and isochron’s scepter?

    • Scott Everett

      Counterspell and scepter work, but not sinkhole since it is a sorcery

      • DJ Pad

        You’re right, I was remembering it wrong.

  • KaiserHollow