• Hecksus

    Feels like blue

    • Firehazel

      Because it is. Curiosity is the blue version of this card. Keen Sense is the colorshifted version, also in green. Oi.

      • BobbyZilch

        It’s not Curiosity though because this card only counts combat damage (which makes it wayyyyyy worse)

        • Anthony Vieira

          It isn’t way worse since NOW you can target an opponent creature and let it hit you to draw a card. Keen sense only allows you to draw if it damages an opponent and not a player.

          • Kahai

            Which you can use to try to dissuade your opponent from swinging with that creature, since you would always let it hit you (as long as it isn’t too big and they aren’t playing combat tricks the deck).

          • BobbyZilch

            Oh I never thought of it like that, that’s some sweet tech I take back what I said

          • space-coyote

            Playing it like that reminds me of Spirit Link

          • Umbacano

            The controler of the enchanted creature is the one who draws the card, not the controler of Sixth Sense. That’s because the creature gains the ability which is in quotation marks. Sorry to disappoint you.
            And enchanting an opponent creature with Keen Sense might actually work in a multiplayer game.

          • Anthony Vieira

            Fortunately you are completely wrong. The owner of the enchantment is the one who draws a card.

          • Umbacano

            No, I’m not. If they wanted it to work the way you think it works, it would just say “Whenever enchanted creature deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card” and not give the ability to the enchanted creature. And of course, it would be the controler of Sixth Sense, not its owner.
            You can compare it to the difference between Lifelink (the card which grants lifelink, the ability, to the enchanted creature) and Spirit Link (where Spirit Link’s controler gains the life).

          • Anthony Vieira

            You used an example that already answered your point. This card works exactly like Spirit Link.
            Spirit Link (from Gatherer) Enchant creature – Whenever enchanted creature deals damage, you gain that much life. The source that gives life is the enchantment itself. This works for the owner of the enchantment just like Sixth Sense.
            Lifelink is different because it’s a keyword ability that says damage dealt by a source with lifelink causes that source’s controller to gain that much life. Since the creature is the source of the damage, the source’s controller gains life.
            If you are not happy about it, just wait for it to be posted in Gatherer.

          • Kameenook

            The card is different from spirit link. Spirit link is worded differently. It says whenever the creature deals damage you gain life. This does indeed say it grants the ability to the creature as mentioned above. Therefore the creatures controlled will draw a card. Just like if I hit you a scroll thief, it says you and it means the controller, the you is tacked onto the controller and comes with it

  • Daedalus

    some of the worst art in recent memory

  • Kaiser

    Green is the new blue

  • Avery Standley

    Can we fix it?

    • Kahai

      What’s wrong with it?

      • Avery Standley

        It’s a Bob the Builder reference

        I thought you’d get it since Sixth Sense is a fixed version of Curiosity and Keen Sense

  • Nanya

    So a worse version of Curiosity, Keen Sense, but a better version of Rogue’s Gloves

    • Kahai

      You mean it isn’t broken?

      Can be useful in multiplayer formats as it doesn’t require opponent. Can be used to dissuade your opponents from attacking as it provides you card advantage.

      • Nanya

        Sorry, just thinking about it in a general sense is all.

        • Aarhg

          I’d play General Sense over Keen Sense any day of the week.

          • Nanya

            …But Keen Sense is just the Green version of Curiosity.

            Only advantage Curiosity has is that it works with Niv-Mizzit.

  • DCM

    This is the taste… of a liar..

    • concernedcat

      she really does look like bruno doesnt she

  • TinkerStephen

    Keen sense 5-8 for bogles

  • Derek Niles

    well Keen Sense is better obviously because its busted but this is a nice functional reprint. I’m sure there’s a lot of commander decks who want a “second keen sense” and I could even see Boggles using a few of these on top of their Keen Senses for more card advantage

  • Derek Niles

    Also I wish this was common for pauper but I think that would be way too good in limited

  • Fred Weasley

    So if we put this on something that has skulk… hmmmmm.

  • Griffin Kasch

    the only difference between sixth sense and keen sense is that it this is for any player and keen sense is for an opponent

    • jaya

      No, the biggest difference is that this is combat damage…