• Kaiser

    A playable, no backdraw 4 mana dragon that is a mana eater? This seems soo blue to be Red but i like it.

    • Reyos Blackwood

      That particular copy isn’t playable, it happens to be about 4 feet tall XD

      • Happy The Cat

        challenge accepted!!!

      • Bige Boiy

        Nonsense, you can play it in oversized dragon tribal alongside Shivan and Rathi dragon.

      • Kaiser

        For 5 mana is good like shivan dragon cause 4/3 flying one turn early is pretty nice and for 6 trades shivan, Rathi cut your lands to 2 in turn 4 (its not like red cares about more than 5 lands but still hurts a little) xD

        Just like this more cause it seens more versatile, i like to have many options in my mana eaters. (excuses my bad english pls)

    • Reyos Blackwood

      Jokes aside yeah it’s a great looking card.

    • Jade

      Yeah. This is surprisingly not bad for a standard mono colored dragon.

  • Shagoth

    Oh hi generally better Lightning Dragon.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    Cheap dragon with the flexibility of a rubber band, I like it.

  • Kevin Johnstone

    5 mana or a 3/3 flying haste… dumpster bin

  • Jaya

    Poor dragons out of love, poor red in general.

  • NoobOfLore

    4 mana 3/3 flier in red: Decent

    4 mana 3/3 flier in red with options: Pretty good.

    Doesn’t feel fantastic in the rare slot, but altogether a value creature.

    • Mov

      For limited this thing is powerful but not op (have to choose whether to pump it or develop the board. For constructed it is pretty bad – 5 mana haste 3 3 flier, or 4 mana 3 3 that doesn’t give any value when it dies to opponents 2 mana kill spell.

      • NoobOfLore

        It doesn’t have to be a constructed all-star to be a good. Casual play does exist.

        You have to keep in mind that a 3/3 flier for 4 in the non-flying colors is a pretty efficient body even just by itself. It’s not The Best, and so won’t see much constructed play, but not every card can be The Best.

  • Happy The Cat

    why is this thing stalking skyships? it can’t handle those 6/5s, and the 2/3s it can kill I don’t really count seeing as they are basically just large flying canoes.
    this guy makes me miss stormbreath…

    • Jaya

      Not to mention those same skyships just happen to do 3 dmg on ETB or when attack.
      Red FeelsBadMan.

  • Dragoncastermaster

    i like this card aggressive mana cost, firebreathing, can get first strike and can get haste, it is good plus in terms of realism it’s ability makes sense: for a Dragon to take on a large airship it would most likely use strategies like when a small fighter plane attacks a bomber, a quick fly by attack which the card shows through pump ability and gaining first strike