Slaughter the Strong - Rivals of Ixalan Spoiler

Slaughter the Strong

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Each player chooses any number of creatures creatures with total power 4 or less, then sacrifices the rest.

  • Jalais

    Hits Hazoret I guess? Not much else with 5 power or more in Standard. Swole cub?

    • Jazzyboy1

      The translation says ‘creatures with total power 4 or less’, meaning if you have a 2/2 and a 3/3, you have to sacrifice one of them.

      • Kahai

        Nah, yo: I can’t read after work.

        Original post:

        nah, yo: you choose any number of your little guys (Power 4 or under) and sac the fatties.

        • Jazzyboy1

          If the translation’s correct on ‘total power’, you’re wrong. We’ll see though.

          • Kahai

            oh i didn’t see that word LOL

      • Jalais

        Oh. Ohhhhholyshit that’s nice if that’s correct.

    • Rajinx

      glorybringer, scarab god or gearhulks, its 4 power or more

      • Jazzyboy1

        You choose creatures you have with total power 4 or less. So you could save a 4/4 and sacrifice the rest of your creatures.

      • Jalais

        It say’s 4 or less, so no hydras, glorbringers or eternals, and scarab doesnt care.

        edit: what jazzboy1 says.

  • Laws

    This card is pretty incredible. About as powerful a “board wipe” as we can expect to see for 3 mana in Standard. An excellent vampire answer to big, hexproof merfolk with counters and bulky dinosaurs.

  • Marvin Sürig

    total power 4? For real? EDH Nightmare fuel (real nightmares not the card).
    I had so many situations where this would’ve anhilated the whole board because there were no creature weaker than 4. And even in many other situations it clears a lot of stuff. But it support aggro creatures that only get stronger when they attack.

    • TogetherAlone

      Read the card again, you sac creatures with a total power of 4 or less. You likely will get 1-2 creatures per opponent or a few tokens. its decent but at that rate you could pay one more and just Wrath them.

      • Marvin Sürig

        That might be true but I feel like this can turn out as a onesided wrath effect if your opponent has only about a hand full of creatures who are stronger than 4 power. Plus you can just play Wall tribal and let your 0/2 or 0/1 survive. Not to mention that it let the Coco mana combo survive which is good in coco and bad against it.

        • Shagoth

          Well, there is a place where it’s busted; Doran the Siege Tower EDH.
          If you don’t know, everyone’s power is super low in that deck and they deal damage with their toughness. Kind of scary.

          • Marvin Sürig

            ahh yes that guy. I know him my brother has that dude. Don’t plays him as a Commander but in 60 card “casual” deck xD And he switches him into a lifegain Partner Commander Deck in which each creature has a lot of toughness. So why not Modern Doran Aggro Wrath?

          • Shagoth

            Eh, in modern, most creatures have less than three power, so boardwipes like that won’t do too much good, they’ll retain about 3/5 of their creatures.

      • Jazzyboy1

        It says choose creatures with total power 4 or less, and sac *the rest*. So your opponent would lose everything but 1-2 small creatures or a few tokens.

      • Zombie

        No, they get to KEEP those 1-2 creatures or a few tokens, and everything else dies.

        However you are correct that Wrath of God is still better.

        But as Wizards has said: FoUr MaNa WrAtHs ArE tOo StRoNg FoR sTaNdArD

  • Laws

    This card is so beautiful. Would love to hear the flavor text if someone could translate.

  • Tolle

    Doran, the Siege Tower chuckles at this

    • Matthew J. Willoughby

      [Laughs in tree]

  • Marcelo Ortega Coimbra Martins

    Seems like a perfect fit for my modern Doran thoughness deck.

    • Shagoth

      Concur. Got a lot of good board wipes for the deck, now.

  • Oscar

    I’m really glad this costs only 3 mana. Several EDH decks might want to play this instead of other wraths, especially more expensive ones.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    Prepare for even more confusing players reading the card wrong. Each player chooses any number of creatures with TOTAL power 4 or less, then sacrifices THE REST. If your opponent has a bunch of 5/5s, they’re all sacrificed. If he/she has 4 1/1s, nothing happens. That’s it.

  • Bruce Flanagan

    Perfect for my narset edh deck.

  • Ronald Tobias Hughes

    Well there goes all the happy creature decks. God I hate this card already.

  • mike rafuse

    It is so sad to see that people are still talking about this card and have no clue what it does. It means that you can
    keep any combination of 4 so 2 2/2 or 4 1/1 everything else is sacrificed.
    Also I am a little confused on the ruling of the scarab god with this card as it says when the scarab dies return it at the next end step
    but if u are forced to sacrifice it is it still considered as dying?