• Ron

    this and Lotleth troll/gravecrawler….yes….

    • Discard a card – get 2 +1/+1 counters on your trampling 2-drop. That’s neat.

      • Aether Tech

        Its obscene. Easy and attainable 3-5 power creature on turn 2 1/2, and regenerate. Nuts. Imagine if Bloodghast was printed in Innistrad, instead of Zendikar. ..

        Ghast + Crawler + Slitherhead  = just good attacking power, and no exile effects in the current standard less then… Dark Imposter, Dispatch (leaving with RtR), Fiend Hunter (fragile to black removal, and now black/green removal), Helevault (useless).

        I fully expect Holy Justicar to gain popularity for a few weeks at the least, Pillar of Flame may not be fast enough as a sorcery..

        Stock a few Sever the Bloodlines, G/B decks in the mirror will be this card, I reckon.

  • Guy

    Anyone else get nostalgiaic value for deadspace?

  • YouGotFranked

    The flavor text for this card is pure gold.

  • Magicplayer

    hooray, Zombies get a turn one blocker! (sorry, Festering Goblin)

  • Firestorm75

    Finally, a creature I can run in my Black decks that isn’t that bad of a card.  This and Typhoid Rats are my favorite 1 cost black creatures right now.

  • dontejon

    i love this card!!! i realy love it!!!