• Rœkja

    Please tell me “Dreadwolf” is going to be the title for all Eldrazi werewolves.

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      Hype Train is packed with Dreadwolves.

  • Melissa Juice

    That is one crazy uncommon. Seems like a high pick.

  • Mike Valenzuela

    I’d like it a lot more if it was a 3/3. So I drop it on four, on T5 do nothing with it because everything kills it, and hope it lives to T6? Meh.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    i like the flavour text

  • MrAptronym

    Continued flavortext is really cute.

  • Jaya

    That flavor text xD

  • Ben Silver

    Some people think oh no not more eldrazi but I a loving the eldrazi flip cards.

  • Marty

    Does anyone here think that the flip side (Erupting Dreadwolf) looks kinda like the “The Thing” from the John Carpenter movie?

    Specifically, at the end when it’s like part dog, man, and mostly nightmare fuel.

  • Fenris

    I think all new Eldrazi looks like a creature from “The Thing” (great Movie)

  • Atarka Effreet

    I like how these new “werewolves” flip a very different way “normal” werewolves do