There’s the man himself. Nice art.

  • Jeffrey Zom

    It is him, The rumours were true, all hail the snapcaster mage!

    • Jordan

      Chas Andres from SCG is 100% on point with his predictions so far.

  • SpuhTwin

    Aaaannd… It mythic. That’s cool, we didn’t want a significant price drop anyway.

  • Breadlord

    Mythic it is then. Sweet new art though.

  • Scott Fridinger

    Of course it moved to Mythic, did the same to Bob.

  • Noatzon

    Thsi reeeally didn’t need to be Mythic. It wasn’t even that great in Innistrad draft, it wasn’t bad put in no way was it a first pick bomb.

    • Keith Wilson

      It seems more like they couldn’t find anything better to put at mythic rather than putting it at mythic because of it’s power level. In before EE gets a reprint at Mythic…

      • Tolle

        They always put the expensive “this card needs a reprint” at mythic. That is the worst thing about these master sets.

    • DJPAd

      It’s because it’s a chase card and arguably the best 2-drop in magic in blue. They did the same to Dark confidant and Tarmogoyf. Odds are it will appear in the next Modern Masters as well.

  • Fred Weasley

    Darn it Wizards! Why’d you have to go and make a better looking Snappy?! Now I want a playset of these…

    • Tolle

      I got one of mine’s art expanded for my EDH deck. Now I wish I had waited and done it with this guy.

  • potatogod442

    Money money

  • sansmyhands

    This art is clearly just shameless crossover promotion for the new Kiefer Sutherland/ Ken Jeong vehicle.

  • Bostorket

    (Cryptic Command™ playset sold separately. Not all parts shown are included. Not intended as medical advice. If your flashback lasts longer than 4 hours, consult your judge immediately. Can be used as a wincon device. Snapcaster™ and all Snapcaster™ byproducts are owned by GG™ LLC, a subsidiary of Hascorp® Some rights reserved.)

  • Zombie

    Affordable Snapcasters? Looks like Blue’s back on the menu boys

    • Derek Niles

      I laughed, good work

    • Ananeos


  • Insight66
    • Kahai

      Hoping she gets new art reprint too. :3

  • Derek Niles

    at mythic this probably won’t do too much to lower the price, but its good to see it reprinted, with sweet new art to boot

    • manapants

      idk if this set is opened as much for fetches as khans of tarkir prices will go down lets hope the boxes get opened and not hoarded

  • Revotor

    I think this makes perfect sense as a mythic (for draft at least). Think of all the value shown so far in the cheap instants or sorceries. Snapcaster – Path or Snapcaster – Terminate has soo much value, way too much for a rare.

  • Joshua Feight

    I really don’t like the art; he’s not really doing anything except holding a bolt and the background is just so generic. I’d much prefer the original art.

    • manapants

      cant get more original than bolt snap bolt i actually like this art it reminds me less of quake

  • Deadly Berry

    Oh look, reprinted as Mythic. Well played Wizards, well played.