• Writerofthings

    the ability to look at your opponent’s hand..might be better than pithing needle.

    • Jay Kilian

      Dodges your own Chalice on 1 as well.

  • Brandon Bilodeau

    They made this card to counter aether works marvel but they banned it….

    • Jonathan Reynolds

      This would have been an effective stopper, reducing the potency of the deck without stopping it completely. But I don’t think they wanted to go another three and a half months with flip-wins.

      Now, what this really is is an effective stopper for planeswalkers.

    • Giby86 .

      They most definitely didn’t. This card was designed and finalized WAY before Marvel turned out to be a problem.

  • Shagoth

    They printed oddly specific hate for your combos that are already banned! Wow, oddly specific hate really does save magic!
    Seriously, pithing needle (or better pithing needle) and other really doesn’t help the ban problem, guys, they print hate and they ban Marvel anyways.

    Anyways, this is going to be a powerful card. Might replace pithing needle, you don’t need needle on T1 unless you’re going against a really fast combo deck. Knowing what your opponent has makes this really strong.

    • TogetherAlone

      You know this is literally 3 months from print right? It would be an unfun bad standard format with Marvel/Saheeli for a really long time waiting for this to come out.

      • Happy The Cat

        or they could have just thrown it into HoD and leave us a month of bg+ beatdown decks not being the only decks.

      • Shagoth

        I know, but people demand specific hate cards, and it’s impossible to predict all of the potential combos that need to be hated against, and people act like they should and that would solve standard. You are completely right, and honestly, you are phrasing my point better than I could.
        I agree, Marvel should have been banned and NOT been let in the format just because it had hate, and I think Wizards did the right thing here.

  • Luke

    Definitely won’t replace pitying needle in modern. It’s two fast of a format where yeah you probably won’t play it turn 1, but you will want to play it along side something else.

  • teketria

    pithing needle but i can look at the opponent’s hand? this is really good. if you are talking about aetherwork marvel than you either A: don’t know how great pithing needle is and essential to metas or B: forgot about A. seriosuly watch the magic man sam’s video on why you need things like pithing needle.

  • Mini Zem

    People are saying this is better than pithing needle. I just don’t see it:
    1: Pithing Needle can be played turn 1.
    2: This can only look at a players hand and choose one of those cards in hand. Pithing needle hits everything, regardless where it is, and with that extra mana I can still thought seize you.

    • Jkkola

      Point 2 is partially incorrect as you can still name any card based on the wording, not just a revealed card. It just gives more information however this is at the cost of an additional mana.

      • Mini Zem

        Oh, it seems I did misread that. Well, I guess i can see it as being comparable then.

        • TogetherAlone

          This seeing play is going to be very format dependant. Basically are you going to need this effect on turn one or can it wait until turn two. One will be very proactive the other can be reactive to what your opponent actually has in hand.

    • Reyos Blackwood

      Point two is wrong, it does not say name a card in the hand, just says name any card, you can use this on any card, in hand or not, the benefit over needle is it lets me know what you have, to make something immediate useless, lets me know the deck style, to guess what’s in the deck, and as always, seeing an opponent hand gives info.

    • Redcloud Blackcloak

      As 2 people have pointed out point 2 is incorrect. But point 1 is also incorrect. This card can be played on turn 1 by using either of the spirit guides, lotus petal, or even just ancient tomb or city of traitors.

  • Jalais

    Side question, would this prevent a card from cycling?

    • MARPJ

      Yes, if you name a card with cycling using it or pitting needle the cycling ability can’t be used (It’s in the Needle gatherer).

      As a side note, I will never forget the face of a living end player when I used Suppression Field and he tried to cycle, this type of hate are very fun

  • Nicholas D.

    This card is just bonkers. It is basically a two mana colorless stone rain. This is one of the better cards printed in this year, and will be at least a two of in eldrazi tron. Also, this will signifigantly impact counters company’s sanding in the meta.

  • kk

    this card is being underrated…

    The fact that you can see your opponent hand it´s huge…

    You see their hand, in most cases you automatically know what they are playing.. choose a card… shut down fetches..

    This is essentially a pithing needle that can be main deckable.

    • ymmij X

      Mono decks wont care but it is probably good in modern and certainly commander. Pithing is still better in eternal formats though.

  • Mike Seppy

    Would cards such as treasure map and thaumatic compass be considered mana abilities? Without scrying, would treasure map still get counters and change to mana chests?

    • ymmij X

      Mana abilities are any ability that produces mana

  • Plainswalker

    Would this work on sorceries, such as Approach of the Second Sun?