• Ultramegalord

    Wholly hell!
    This is why I love multiplayer games…… esp 2headed giant

  • Taxle


  • Dr. Burn Crow

    I think Nahiri made a grave tactical mistake.

    • Asghaad

      id say Sorin made grave tactical mistake pissing off Nahiri … as i understand it SHE was the one who trapped Eldrazi in hedrons. Which also means that no matter how powerfull or pissed Sorin becomes, Nahiri can seal him away – maybe thats her plan, to make him so mad at her so he comes to HER then she locks him away just like Eldrazi titans …

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Nooooooooo not my Sorin.

  • Krhaynes1

    Orzhov control will be a thing. This is a sick PW. Damn Sorin at it again.

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      Get outa here with that Vine reference garbage. This is a respected web site.

      • Jesus

        Damnnn Dr., back at it again with the sick burns

  • That Guy

    Holy mother of +1s.

  • Squirrel Lover


  • Shane

    I’M IN MY MATH CLASS TRYING NOT TO SCREAM !!!!!! It’s beautiful

  • MyArmadaHasWurms

    That +1 is pretty sweet.

  • Jean D’Arc

    +1. Top deck is Ulamog, TCH. Very nice.

  • Somebody

    Duel Decks: Sorin vs Nahiri is inevitable, right?

    • Somebody

      Also love this card and I’m really happy we got Sorin. I was really worried stupid Jace was taking his slot. So tired of Jace.

    • Kevan Kramer

      To bad those are canceled so it won’t happen.

  • Juuchi

    I’m sure he’ll be decent in Standard, and he’ll be a house in commander. I was hoping to see a black/red Sorin for the b/r vamps deck, though. =/

    • MTG=mogis the god.

      same any b/r walker.

      • nostars69

        cant upvote enough

  • YawgmothPizzagod

    Someone messed with the wrong dude

  • Kid Nemo

    That +1 is just rowdy. I love it. Exactly what makes games ‘interesting’ for EDH. Is it a threat? Is it not? Maybe they’ll hit a land? What will I think if that was across from me? I am looking forward to that moment!

    For all other formats though, the card is very meh. I will be shocked – like seeing a Sarkhan – make it anywhere in Standard. We’ll be able to count on this thread’s finger & toes how many players actually trigger that ULT by the time SOI rotates…BUT, I don’t mind this and couldn’t be discouraged from buying packs because of it. He’s an ender in limited for sure.

    Anyone else see the ‘Golden Axe’ 90’s muscle hero stance like I am with this art? Can’t decide if I appreciate the nostalgia or want to ask for alternative art >,<

    • Nate Dougherty

      He’d be pretty fitting for certain casual decks, I already found a use for him. I have a BW Exalted deck that has some pretty decent life gain to it as well. Sometimes I get into 60+ life, so his final plus Sublime Archangel = massive army that boosts one creature up, like Tormented Soul or the like. Pretty much only practical in laid back casual games, which is all I play anymore due to my location. Closest card shops are at least an hour away.

  • MTGFanatic

    I think he’s sick… literally

  • Mr.Mayhem631

    That +1 is going to be massive power in some EDH decks.

  • Steve Baker


  • CrozzStorm

    wow with a +1 that wins the game, -X that can damage anything else, and -9 that gets you an army …… yea lesson is, you dont piss off sorin

    • Hedronal

      The + is conditional on something that his colors don’t have a way to guarantee, especially so when a deck that can cast this reliably will have a large proportion of lands to cast it.

  • Silveros89

    +1 into Gleemax :^)

  • kmk888

    Wizards official statement, “We really liked Ob Nixilis so we decided to print two more Ob Nixilises.”

    Seriously though that + is insane and 7 loyalty is enough not to die the majority of the time. I don’t like the – quite as much but given the starting 6 loyalty it’s going to be great against almost any single creature in Standard. It’ll be hard to build up to the second use of the – if the creature was big, but with a + that good I don’t think you need it anyways. Sorin will see play in Standard although probably less than Elspeth or Chandra because he doesn’t have a boardwipe stapled to him entering the battlefield. Jeez can you imagine if you could distribute the – damage over any number of creatures or planeswalkers? Nvm that would be busted.

    Also holy EDH bomb batman

  • MrAptronym

    Wow, I generally really like Eric Deschamps work but that art is terrible. It looks like something from a 1980s pen and paper RPG or a bad conan ripoff.
    As for the card, he seems suitably powerful for a Six mana two color planeswalker, I could see him fitting in many Orzhov EDH lists for the +1 alone. Elsewhere, a six mana planeswalker is often a hard sell. I don’t know much about standard so I can’t say anything about that, but beyond that he doesn’t seem like he will see non-casual play.

    • Blahblahblahbla

      Thank you. I’m also not feeling this art. Very surprised they oked this for such a card. Hoping for some alternate art down the line. This Sorin and Olivia are just.. Not good visually..

      • MrAptronym

        Yeah, I mean sometimes his pieces are stiff but these two are just subpar. And this art is on a booster pack! Innistrad, both the original, and this new set have some pretty great art direction in general too. Maybe we can get a Sorin Duel Deck with alternate art later this year. Sorin VS Nahiri would make sense.(Nahiri’s current art is nice though.)

    • Happy The Cat

      the reason it looks so bad is that they put way too many details into the armor which gave it that super high contrast that looks ugly

      • MrAptronym

        I think you’re probably right, I want to see a very high res version of the art now to see how it stacks up. Could be that it is better full size and not framed on a card.

        • Happy The Cat

          well, then you would have another problem, sorin’s face. the guy NEVER has much of any detail on his face ever, because that’s just how a millennia year old vampire looks

    • Ryū

      I’ll probably pick up 4 of him for casual. I have to agree on the art, especially when comparing it to the artwork of the original Sorin Markov or Lord of Innistrad.

    • Dan Racinowski

      Yeah, I guess when Elspeth, Sun’s Champion was in most standard decks that had white during its time, especially control, it was super shitty for a 6 drop Planeswalker and didn’t see any play at all. But yeah, ok.

      • MrAptronym

        Jeeze, is Sorin your grandpa or something?

        • Dan Racinowski

          I’ll agree with you on that art, though.

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        This can’t wrath the board or churn out tokens.
        Costing the same means nothing.

        • Julna Buras

          It’s true that he can’t, but keep in mind, Nissa, Sage Animist is basically a six-drop planeswalker (since you need seven lands to flip her), and she saw so much play even with just her +. With Sorin giving you card advantage AND doing damage, he would be right at home in a BW or even Esper control.

          • Mr.Mayhem631

            My point was mainly just because they cost the same, doesn’t mean they’re both bound to be good.
            I think it’s very possible he finds a home, but he’s not going to be the powerhouse that Elspeth was.

        • Hedronal

          Also, this is two colors.

  • yolksoup

    Have fun revealing the huge spaghetti monster

  • Happy The Cat


  • Harv Prentiss

    I like. I liked Solemn Visitor and this one seems just fine.

  • Nebulium

    That high mana cost, high starting loyalty and those two abilities that potentially scale with more people just scream edh. And that +1, so good.

    Also I can imagine Sorin taking all the pegasi from Storm Herd and turning them all into vampires for his ultimate. Sure it doesn’t quite match up but its funny enough to think about.

  • Julna Buras

    *jaw drops* Welp, Esper Control certainly has a lot of friends to play with. Can you imagine, playing this in a control deck where you’ve got something like a single Eldrazi bomb as a finisher, and then Sorin uses his +1 to draw it? Good grief.


    This would have been great during my game that I had 120,000 life.

  • Atarka Effreet

    4 planeswalkers?!?!?!? In ONE set!???!!

    • My1digit IQ

      M12 had 5, I think its happened a few times

      • Core sets always had atleast 5 (there were 2 with 6). 4 in an expert expansion has only happened 1 other time iirc and that was Lorwyn.

        • Trevor Terry

          Except core sets no longer exist, so we should probably get used to the expansions having more planeswalkers.

          • JD Farrell

            Not really, we’re going to have three blocks in standard at a time, that’s going to make up the difference easily. Once this set comes out, we’ll have 16 planeswalkers in standard, with one or two more on the way in Eldritch Moon.

          • eltratzo

            which seems like a fringe case caused by the change with origins and dragon having a combined seven. 5 to six per block won’t change (bfz oath had 5).
            which makes the usual number of standard legal walkers 15 (13 at the lowest in the case of two 5walker blocks followed by a 3 walker set and 18 at the highest in the (highly improbable) case of 3 6 walker blocks) which is the the same variance as the rotations before had (theros m15 khans had 5 + 5 + 5 = 15).

            before we had two blocks with three sets each + one core set
            now we have three blocks with two sets each.

            the nubers of standaed legal walkers shouldn’t change in the long run.

          • MaRo already said that the number of ‘walkers per block wouldn’t change.

          • Trevor Terry

            Exactly, a block used to consist of 3 individual sets. That has been reduced by two, which means the 5-6 planeswalkers that they used to squeeze into the 3 sets is now spread across two sets, so overall the average stays the same, but the per-release amount of planeswalkers will be higher.

        • My1digit IQ

          I see. Well, I guess we better get used to this saying as there are no more Core sets

  • Derek Niles

    its a great card but I do not like that art at all

    • zDRIBAS

      worst art i seen in a card ever!


    hope this card is fake … my favorite walker looking like that -.-

    • fullbuster

      well, even the Solem Visitor had a terrible art… and we are talking about the same guy!!
      I’m afraid the first two arts (Markov and DKA Lord of Innistrad) were too cool, we got spoiled D:

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      Dunno if you’re joking, but it’s real.

  • Relentless

    So… if he’s played in response to a Nahiri the previous turn (who presumably +2’d), he can immediately kill her at the cost of his own life.

    Interesting, from a potential lore perspective.

  • ashton

    I like the art. It reminds me of old legacy cards

  • MonoblackForever

    I’m tired of Sorin being B/W. He was my favorite planeswalker when he was just black. But I guess these are his permacolors now. Oh well, I’ve still got Ob and Lili.

  • Shane

    I’m actually glad I’m not the only one that hates the art I was complaining about it when I saw the packaging I was praying for different art I’m stoked for sorinsale abilitys and deck combos but damn wizards step up your game with the artists!

  • I honestly don’t see why people are complaining about his art. I’m a fan of both the art and the card.

    • Hedronal

      I can see why they dislike the art, but I’m disappointed by how much of this comment section is just that.

  • Zombie

    I guess this seems like an appropriate card to do one of my evaluations on, considering it’s the last Planeswalker of Shadows over Innistrad.

    I’ll go over each aspect of the card, from Mana Cost, Art, Abilities, to Loyalty, and how it all comes together to determine the playability of Sorin, Grim Nemesis.

    DISCLAIMER*** : Long Post Warning, read at your own peril, or if you need a sleep aid.

    So, first, right off the bat we’re greeted with some of the most mediocre Planeswalker art we’ve ever seen, and likely ever will see. Honestly this just seems like a huge misstep – like some miscommunication happened when Deschamp and Wizards. Sorin himself was painted in a hyper-detailed, realistic style while the rest of the art is painted very flat, and with much less detail. This causes a huge disconnect in the viewer’s eye, as it doesn’t feel like the foreground – Sorin, or the background even belong on the same card. Sorin himself is filled with so much light to dark contrast that he’s almost hard to look at. It also doesn’t help that instead of a dynamic pose, Sorin is just placed in this static, rigid pose that looks like he’s a Star Wars nerd posing for a picture with a toy lightsaber, trying his best to look as serious as possible.

    Hopefully it will look better when I have my hands on the physical card, but if it doesn’t this could very likely be the ugliest Planeswalker card we’ll ever get. And it’s not like the art sucks, it just doesn’t work.

    I really could talk about everything wrong with the art and layout of this card all day, but let’s move on.

    This newest Sorin joins the ranks of the average Chandra with his mana cost of 6, a tier of Planeswalker that’s almost always relegated to the depths of uselessness because their cost never outweighs their strength. I have a feeling that, like Garruk, Apex Predator, this newest Sorin will be just simply left behind, despite his incredible power. Garruk, Apex Predator, believe it or not, is actually one of the most powerful Planeswalker cards in the game. But do you know why he just doesn’t see play? He not only costs as much as Karn Liberated, but he forces you to play Green and Black on top of having to hit that 7 mana.

    Apex Predator would be a widespread card if ramp or Tron decks could actually play him, but with his Golgari colors on top of that huge mana cost of 7, the decks that want something like him just can’t play him.

    And I have a bad feeling that the same thing is going to happen here with this new Sorin. But, the new Sorin has quite a few things going for him too. Let’s look into his Loyalty and Abilities.

    Sorin just, overall, fits into this boring theme of recent Planeswalkers that all feel like variations on the same theme. They draw a card, they kill something, and they have an okay ultimate than can potentially win the game. There’s just no spunk here.

    The new Sorin starts off at an impressive 6 Loyalty, and +1’ing the turn you play him puts him up to a massive 7 Loyalty. That puts him just short of the beefiness of Gideon Jura. With 6 Loyalty to start and a 9 Loyalty ultimate, the distance between start and finish isn’t exactly that huge. So, despite how late Sorin will come down, he’ll still be able to hit his ultimate in a decent amount of time if it’s needed.

    Sorin’s + 1 ability is a bit of and oddball, and it’s fairly deceptive about its power. Regardless of the after-effects of the ability, the minimum net gain of +1’ing this Sorin is that you draw a card with zero downside, and that’s something that B/W will really like. Combine Sorin on curve with Ob Nixilis Reignited and you’ll be drawing cards willy nilly.

    Aside from the card draw, the ability has the power to actually just kill your opponent if you hit enough non-land cards in a row.

    This ability alone would have made Sorin instantly playable were he in the Tarkir block instead of Sorin, Solemn Visitor, thanks to Siege Rhino and Abzan as a whole.

    This ability, for the purposes of damage, is deceptive in the sense that it likely won’t actually do anything. If you’re playing a 6 mana Planeswalker, chances are you’re running about ~23- 24 lands in your deck, as is the norm with Midrange builds. This means that, more than any other card in your deck, you’ll have the highest chance of flipping a land and dealing no damage with Sorin’s ability.

    So that leaves us with a rating of the ability. Beyond the guaranteed card draw, this ability is horridly inconsistent unless you can set up your draws, which B/W likely won’t be able to do. But, since there’s still the potential to dome your opponent for massive damage, I can’t entirely discredit it. The grade I’d give overall to Sorin’s +1 is: 5/10. A middle of the road grade for an ability that draws cards and can MAYBE do something else sometimes.

    Sorin’s got a -X ability, and this just seems boring – more than anything else I could say. This ability being a Drain effect rather than just a damaging ability turn this from being just awful into something that’s just okay. It will kill a large threat with ease and then heal you in turn, meaning this new Sorin has the potential to be a decent attrition tool for a B/W/U Control deck or B/W/X Midrange deck of some kind, if those archetypes will even exist in the upcoming Standard. However, this ability is effectively turning Sorin into a flexible Absorb Vis, and that’s just pretty weak overall.

    But it’s still removal, so I can’t fault it too much. My overall grade for this ability is a 4/10. Not terrible, not good.

    And here we are with Sorin’s ultimate ability. This ability is very reminiscent of Ajani, Caller of the Pride’s ultimate ability. However, despite these tokens being weaker than Ajani’s, them all having Lifelink could potentially swing an entire game around for you.

    That said, this is an extremely powerful ability that has an absolutely critical flaw, a terrible Achilles Heel.

    All it does, is generate 1/1’s. That means that this ultimate ability alone will prevent this Sorin from EVER escaping Standard, and will likely limit his exposure to EDH as well.

    Sorin’s ULTIMATE ability creates a bunch of 1/1’s that be killed by a cheap Pyroclasm effect. And that’s just utterly devastating.

    Because this ability has such a fatal flaw despite being Sorin’s ability that’s supposed to be his win condition, like any good Planeswalker should have, I can’t in good conscience rate this ability above a 3/10.

    Sorin’s ultimate can be defeated by Pyroclasm, That’s just terrible.

    All said and done, Sorin’s average/ final grade is: 4 out of 10.

    Beyond his +1 there are just flaws that are too big to ignore. He’s not an unplayable card, but he’s just too inconsistent and too easily dealt with for me to expect him to reliably do anything of value that another Walker couldn’t just do better, like Ob Nixilis Reignited.

    There’s no chance of him leaving Standard, and there’s barely even a chance of him being a factor in Standard to begin with.

    Wait for this card’s price to plummet before buying it, just like Garruk Apex Predator.

    • Trevor Terry

      There’s a few things i think you’re overlooking, first is that with the advent of BFZ and OGW, mana ramp in standard is pretty impressive right now, with decks able to cast 6+cmc cards more reliably with less mana in their decks, due to the eldrazi scions. Second is that while is ultimate generates 1/1’s, they’re all of a relevant tribal type, vampire tribal is a thing, and in my opinion – after this set prints it will have almost as much support as tribal elves, or zombies.

      Also, many vampires that were printed in original inistrad/dka/avr have death triggers that cause life loss, as well as some allies recently printed.

      Overall, i don’t entirely disagree with your overall assessment, he’s going to be a bulk bin planeswalker, but he has more redeeming qualities in the right tribal than you might realize.

    • MrAptronym

      A good assessment. Though I will add that a deck with 24 lands is till more likely to hit a nonland than a land, having land be more likely than any other individual card or card type isn’t too relevant to just whether or not it does damage. So you just have a 40% chance of doing no damage. Certainly the magnitude will vary a lot and will rarely be a huge hit in most decks. Your point certainly stands though, it is an ability that will be overrated.

      I think his ultimate could be a bit better than you are thinking in EDH though. Many EDH decks, especially those with WB, run sac outlets and/or field wide buffs to extend the power of tokens. With the higher life-totals as well, getting a couple dozen tokens is just enough resources to outrigth win teh game for some decks. I could see him fitting into a Teysa, Orzhov Scion EDH maybe? It’s not a great ultimate, but it is better than something like Mentor of Heroes or Vraska. I think wizards is depowering ultimates a bit it seems, fewer of them these days are outright “I WIN.” buttons. Taking into account that he costs 6 though, it is not an exciting ability.

      I see him maybe finding a home in some EDH decks, but he is definitely nothing special.

      • Zombie

        Yeah, I was more referring to that you’re more likely to draw a land than any other specific card in the deck, which isn’t really an issue for this ability.

        I worded it poorly, and it doesn’t really apply too well here either. My mistake.

      • wiseguy

        eww, no, I would not consider putting this version of sorin in my Teysa EDH. He doesn’t do anything I want to be doing (namely, making tokens or controlling the board, which is why Sorin LOI and Elspeth SC is in it.

        And before someone says, “so you don’t want to be drawing cards and removing things?” Teysa has better ways to do both of those already.

    • Happy The Cat

      let’s talk about him in standard. naturally people will want to toss him in their Junk Good Stuffs and relive the good old days when we had elspeth and pack rat but what about esper control? I’ve been playing with a Hedron Alignment deck with a heavy control kit. with the new exile target nonland and this being able to take advantage of Hedron Alignment’s repeatable scry you can make his +1 a little more reliable,giving him a good little power jump and allowing him to consistently deal damage while building up to his ult. just a thought but it seems not terrible to me

    • TheArchon

      I hope everyone shares your low opinion. I like to get my cards cheap.

  • Dapper Dimir

    The art on this looks like a bad alter…wish they would have had the person do it that did arlinn kord.

    • wiseguy

      But, Eric Deschamps tho…
      Agreed that this may not be his best work, Sorin looks different, in a weird way even. But his other planeswalker works are amazing, Theros elspeth comes to mind.

  • Nanya


  • Nanya

    HOLY *BLEEP*!!! I thought Jace was busted in this set!

  • bad art

    The art is just so bad… I hoped the booster image was badly cut off to fit Sorin that made it look bad, but no… the art is simply bad. His face looks like a mad grandpa, not a super strong vampire ready to battle. His armor is also badly done and the pose is just ???, but let’s not forget the paint-done background… not sure what happened here. Looks like your classic fanart from a 15 years old.

  • Julna Buras

    If I get one, I may just destroy its value by pasting Sorin’s original card’s art over it. Because it’s my favorite and this card’s art makes me cringe.

  • Deadly Berry

    A little underwhelming… High cost, the +1 is pretty bad, -X is not very good either… the ultimate is also not very good since there are many cards that can deal with that in standard, EHD, modern… literally every format.

    I was expecting much more, but I guess they can’t release 4 strong planeswalkers in a single block.

    • TheConehead10

      His +1 is a better Dark Confidant. This will see play in Esper Control for that alone.

  • Fael

    Cool card… so, the molten stone behind him… could be the remains of Helvault, isn’t it?

    • Hedronal

      The Helvault is long gone by now. Molten rock is more likely to be Markov Manor.

      • Fael

        I don’t think so. Look closely at the base of this stone and the environment, it’s quite similar to what was the Helvault.
        Anyway, it’s just a detail.

  • Melissa Juice

    Bad art. Ick.

    +1 is pretty cool, though.

  • Jay

    Sweet standard card , all abilities very good , I mean even if you used all 6 to an opponents threat, u net 6 life , people talking this is junk, we shall see about that.

  • stanch8

    Can black/white control become a thing?

    • Julna Buras

      That’s what I plan on making. Esper, actually, but BW could also be great. Ob Nixilis and this guy plus all the BW removal in SOI? Yes please.

      • for your esper, you know already your going to have tons of artifacts, (it would be nice to have the power 9 in this deck, but hey just sayin.) play a Filigree Angel then gain a bunch of life and then use Sorins new finisher for a bunch of 1/1 life-link knights and make someone never want to play magic again! Its all fun and games until someone loses to this. lol

        • of course your talking contral decks, so staying alive up until this point will be easy with Wrath of God, Damnation, and even somthing easy like Nevinyrral’s Disk. So after controling the board, these high mana cost guys are well worth the hurt… Just dont forget tons of artifact mana ramps like Sol Ring, if you play casual.

          • Julna Buras

            I mean, I was thinking standard, but good grief those are fantastic ideas. I play a Sharuum edh artifact deck and Filigree Angel has gotten me to over 200 life before. :D

    • Its been a thing for years… probably as old as sorin himself.

  • Bostorket

    “Gleemax? Again?! What’re the odds!”

  • Thank You Shadows Over INNISTRAD TEAM!

    Now You Gotta Ask Yourself One Question,

    Do You Feel Lucky…

    Do Ya…


  • Spartica7

    My Ayli lifegain deck in commander might be coming to standard sometime soon

  • Velvet Wurm

    Play it in Ollorro Commander, you will be targeted but if you can protect Sorin with board wipes then you have the game in your hand.

  • Robin King

    I’ve always liked Sorin, but his +1 is powerful and -X are reason enough to play him too.