• Jackson Means


    • Krzysztof Ambroży

      Hell yeah!

  • galen150

    so this is likely to replace censor in control decks.

    • Jay Kilian

      Or even a Negate. Blue Black got some major control updgrades in this release.

      • Jacob Bachand

        If we had an instant kill spell at 2cmc to replace Grasp we would be unstoppable. And we got Duress back!

        • Jay Kilian

          Indeed. Walk the Plank/Die Young don’t cut it. We can’t complain much with Push in the format though. It’s only an all-time-great removal spell.

          Watch them reprint Terror or Doomblade lol.

  • Ubu

    Great reprint with brilliant new art.

  • Julian Allen

    dude this card is amazing ; w ; playing it, blue counters are back<3

  • Jay Kilian


  • Julna Buras


  • Blahblahblahbla

    Dayumn.. This makes me want to play standard now.. Also, this might be my favorite art in years.. Nice work on this one!

    • Jay Kilian

      Spell Pierce, Opt, Glimmer, Censor, Negate, Essence Scatter, Disallow, Nimble Obstructionist, Supreme Will, Consign//Oblivion, Unsummon, Baral, Pull from Tomorrow. And Torrential Gearhulk to top it off. Control is going to be strong.

  • Red Cap

    Now THAT’S a reprint.

  • Jethro

    NO WAY!!

  • Edward

    This is an insane reprint. I never expected this to be in Standard. This gives me high hopes for counter spells.

    • Jay Kilian

      Lol, if they reprinted the actual Counterspell, the internets would explode.

      • Happy The Cat

        would they? uu counter target isn’t that great, it’s not like it’s force of will or anything.

        • Kingsdread

          Still leagues above what we actually get.

  • galen150

    this and essence scatter. some damn good counters in standard now.

  • Calvinf


  • Shagoth

    A legacy playable counterspell, jeez control is going to be actually decent in standard. Let’s hope they don’t reprint a legacy power cantrip-(sees Opt) Damn it.

  • Soren Szilver

    now this is a good reprint

  • Geddon

    So, Control players out there, what makes this card so good? Are one-mana counterspells really so powerful that you’d run this over negate?

    • Jay Kilian

      Probably run this over Censor, actually. It works on turn 1/2/3 is the main thing. Negate would definitely still be involved.

      • Tolle

        Censor has the ability to toss away when it is no longer viable. While I agree this is better I wouldn’t be surprised to see some decks pick censor over this.

      • DJ Pad

        Why? It doesn’t stop creatures played on curve, which is mainly what your worried about in the first couple turns.

    • Snievan

      This can actually go well in non-control decks, as it’s easy to leave up and makes it so your opponent can’t just slam, say, a gearhulk on 6. The whole point is to make it so people can’t just curve out all the time. I can’t imagine merfolk and pirates not running some number of these in their 75.

      • Hedronal

        Not a gearhulk specifically though, noncreature only.

    • DJ Pad

      This card is mainly good in eternal formats, where the curve is much lower and mana efficiency being so important (both this being only 1-mana, and most decks not often having 2-mana open).

      I can see this being decent in standard against people trying to drop planeswalkers on curve, or to protect against removal if you’re running some kind of tempo/aggro build, but not sure if this is really main-deckable.

  • Miles Rinesmith

    Great reprint. Was not too expensive but supply was limited so yay to more being out there.

  • Zombie

    Man I expected this in one of the upcoming supplemental sets, not Standard.

    This isn’t even one of those reprints to fix prices like Thoughtseize was for the most part, Spell Pierce isn’t a pricey card – It’s just good to have in Standard.

    Still not gonna make me shill out more money to re-enter that cancerous format, but hey other people get to experience a card that hasn’t seen Type 2 since OG Zendikar. So that’s neat.

  • Shagoth

    Actually, this and the cantrip inspired me to start a brewin’ on a mono blue control deck. It obviously still needs a looooooot of work, so I’d appreciate some criticism to make the most optimal mono blue standard control build.

  • Bostorket


  • Jim

    This might see modern play actually.

    • Fred Weasley

      Dude, I seriously doubt it.

      • Robby

        It’s a reprint. It’s already in modern, and it sees some play already.

        • Fred Weasley

          Please see comment right above Jim’s. This whole thing was sarcastic, as the above comment hopefully shows, I already knew about it being in Modern. It’s in my favorite set Zendikar.

    • Ryan Cameron

      This card is a reprint, and actually already does.

  • Fred Weasley

    It was hard, but I think I like this art a little better. I was also freaking out a little when I saw this is going to be in Standard.

  • Guest

    Best card in the set and entire block. No questions asked unless they reprint FoW

    • DJ Pad

      FoW isn’t even that good in a format full of fair decks (like standard almost always is).