• Dr. Burn Crow

    Fun police! Drop the fun!

  • Jalais

    Well this will be super disappointing to crack in draft.

  • Justus Bruestle

    If it said your next turn I think it would be good, because it could be used to protect your combo cards when you use your combo the next turn, but it says their next turn. What if they don’t have instants or sorceries to cast? All your doing is potentially delaying the game for one turn and only if they rely and instants and such.

    • Jalais

      Probably an EDH card.

  • Kahai

    Yay :D

  • Hedronal

    White mana rules stuff is fun to me as a Mel (psychographic), not so much to my (less prevalent) Spike side. Vorthos one says “Hell yes Hello Azor.”

    • Kahai

      Hell yes Hello Azor! :D

  • Jude

    SIT yo fiVe dolla a** down before i make CHANGE

    I like it .3….totally honest if you build azorius in commander, you can have this, followed footsteps, and archaeomancer and your opponents wont cast spells during their turns ever

    • Happy The Cat

      Or just Imprint Silence into Isochron Scepter, since that would actually stop them from casting all spells, like creatures, planeswalkers, enchantments, and artifacts, you know, the other stuff that can win games.

      • Sylvio Tenenbra

        I think you missed the part about the Sphinx’s Decree affecting each opponent, rather than silencing just one each turn.
        But regardless, just run both to be a fun police.

  • Charlie Shadeslayer

    Azor as a Sphinx Planeswalker?

    • Kahai

      As much as i want it, his spark was bound to the Immortal Sun. He’ll likely see a legendary card. While i would love to see him as Esper, he’s like only going to be WU because WotC hates me.

      • Santuli

        Didn’t know about his spark. I was expecting a PW card for him. But creature is fine. I almost wish he was mono blue tho so that he could fight alongside Unesh in edh. But I suppose UW makes more sense.

        • Kahai

          I was hoping he’d be esper, even if by giving him a black activated ability.

          An insane Azorius Sphinx lol

  • Happy The Cat

    So it is kinda a counter wrath? Most of this is kinda ruined for me because it’s sorcery speed, if I had the option to cast this at the end of your turn confirming you can’t use most wraths, then I untap it would’ve been a cool interaction for a control deck to land their winning creatures. But as is it just strikes me as a worse Silence.
    What does this disrupt? the only three things I see are Demonic Pact, so they can’t gift you the gg, stopping a wrath you know is coming, and fizzling Suspend.

  • Kahai

    Super dope with more players. Easily on of the strongest 2 mana spells in terms of how much this single card can affect.

    Super good in EDH. Much less good in 1v1 formats.

    Can also be used to punish creature light decks.


    • Happy The Cat

      …wouldn’t this be significantly better in 1v1 formats, since you’re more likely to correctly predict and time this to actually stop all your opponents? all this really does is Silence Sorceries and make you slow roll Instants(which you kinda should do already) it’s not like like it says until their next turn, just on their next turn they can’t use non permanents.

      • Kahai

        It’s power is in scaling, while it is fine in 1v1, the fact that it hits all opponents is huge. This changes the regular play of many types of decks in commander, where big sorceries often find homes.

        Combo it with hand control like Telepathy, where you gain information about the cards in their hand, and you can shut down things like a player whose about to go off with a Rite of Replication in their next turn.

  • Warboss Efan

    maybe jace is gonna kill ANOTHER sphinx, except this time he’ll get a cute gorgon gf out of it and make beautiful sultai babies

    • Kahai

      inb4 Vraska’s already pregnant. ;)

      • Dave

        One can dream. :)

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Yes! Azor

  • David S. McCrae

    Are you playing combo? Or does your strategy involve a lot of Instants and sorceries?
    So I guess you don’t mind if I keep getting this back over and over. yes/no?
    And can I play this thing that says you can’t play spells during my turn either? (Grand Abolisher)
    Okay, we’re good then.

    • Random Guy

      Your opponent can cast instants on your turn. It is Silence that costs 1 more mana to affect “in response” instants.

      • David S. McCrae

        Grand Abolisher states otherwise. But I see what you’re saying, as that would be the case without a Grand Abolisher out.

  • DJ Pad

    Seems kind of bad, I get that it works better in multiplayer, but it just seems like a bad Abeyance to me since it doesn’t even replace itself.

  • Jalais

    Think i prefer it when sphinxs have revelations instead . . .

  • galen150

    its kinda funny. might maybe see sideboard play against storm? otherwise i dont think it’ll see much play

  • Chaospyke

    Very Ilmited use in constructed format and almost none in limited.
    Should be “until the end of their next turn” to be good.