• Happy The Cat

    again, drafting several of these makes them even better, because if you get several of these you have more chances to guess the right card and if any of them are right ALL of them are now four mana 3/2 flyers that draw a card I honestly hope I can get several of these in a draft just for the value train.

    • Zombie

      The problem stems from actually drafting multiples of these.

      You’re gonna be lucky if you get even 2.

  • Daniel Scott

    I feel like there is a slight issue in that the times when you are likely to guess right are when there is an obvious pick in the pack, and this is unlikely to be better than that pick. Still it should be possible later in the pack or if you are good at figuring out who is drafting what.

  • anonon

    I like how it says “player” and not “opponent”…

    • Guest

      Play with both conspiracy sets.
      Have Cogwork Librarian in pool.
      Take this, name other card in pack you want.
      Put Librarian back in pack.
      Take named card.

      (But actually I figure it’s because during the actual draft portion I’m pretty sure there are technically no opponents yet?)