• Chet mahoney

    Glad to not see any new art here. It’s always been rad.

  • That Guy

    Well I for one am not suprised to see this. This also basically confirms deceiver exarch and possibly pestermite to be in this set.

    • Kameenook

      I think it’s one or the other, I’m not sure that you want Splinter Twin ruining drafts like that. Splinter Twin on Fulminator Mage, or something else is fair and sometimes even fun, Splinter Twin “I Win” is not something that is fun or fair.

  • Kameenook

    It’s not like we wanted to see more people play Splinter Twin.

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    HA! Just realized that Twin and Primetime will be in the same limited set.. Oh boy..