• Davey Desjarlais

    Is this a hint that we’ll have an Expertise cycle? I sure hope so!

  • hollowbones

    I had no idea Yahenni’s Expertise was going to be part of a cycle! Wow, this new cascade-like effect is really strong, can’t wait to see the rest!

    This one seems underwhelming (in comparison) at first, but I’ve underestimated white weenies many times before.

    • Jazzyboy1

      Not necessarily just for white weenies. This could work really well in a Prowess build.

  • Tyler

    Three bodies. That in this format can also pay for mana the next turn with the improvise mechanic. Plus being able to put a card of three mana or less onto the battlefield for just four is nuts.

  • Shagoth

    THIS IS A CYCLE?!?!?!?!
    We’re screwed.
    Expertise spring will come and it will be ugly. Probably overhyping it, looking at other overhyped cards, but I’m scared.

  • Zombie


    • Happy The Cat

      yeah but we’ve probably seen the best two, blue will probably be a sorcery draw three for five mana and, calling it now, red gets a lava axe.
      the green one is where we could see something interesting as long as it isnt a ramp spell. overrun with cast a 3 or less spell seems like just a really decent rare (instead of printing another “next goyf” card that everyone freaks out over until the set comes out)

      • Zombie

        The blue Expertise in Modern would essentially read

        “Draw 3 cards, then draw 3 cards”

        because of Ancestral Vision

        • Happy The Cat

          well, that’s +4 so it’s effectively Dragonlord’s Prerogative for five mana at sorcery. it might steal some slots from cards like Jace’s Ingenuity in control decks due to free casting almost all removal in modern. that sorcery speed will hurt it a lot though(that is even if the card gets made in the first place, we might just see some energy garbage or a four mana bounce spell)

          • Robert FakeLastName

            if it is 4cmc in blue then it is either a counter, draw, or sweeper(aetherize).

      • Picklechu

        Red will probably not get a lava axe because this cycle is illuminate everything has to do with three the cats thingy the effect, the only reason the card isn’t three mana is because then you could chain them together and it would be really really overpowered

        • Happy The Cat

          quick reminder, Lava Axe is a five mana sorcery that deals five damage to target player. pretty sure five is still greater than three so I dont see them chaining whatever they end up naming it as that seems a little impossible.

  • DeLucio

    Hmm, I wonder if there are any good white token producers at three cmc… Oh yeah LINGERING SOULS.

    • ColorCaptain

      Or intangible virtuuuueeee.

  • Jacob Anderson

    Cast Master Tricketeer for free with it and make them 2/2’s =)
    I was hoping i would be able to make a servo/thopter tribal deck with Tricketeer, looks like i might get my wish. T1 Toolcraft Exemplar, T2 Servo Exhibition, T3 Master Tricketeer, T4 Sram’s Expertise casting another Tricketeer for free, T5 Angel of Invention giving you 7 4/4 servos plus the 4 other creatures you cast, seems decent.

    • Jacob Anderson

      Then i will cry when Yahenni’s Expertise board wipes my entire army =(

      • Happy The Cat

        just give them +3/+3 and laugh as they cant handle your board anymore. where’s your (wrath of) god now?!?!

        • Jacob Anderson

          Got to get the Tricketeer and Angel to 4 toughness tho which is the biggest problem, not sure if i would want to run Always Watching in a token deck, plus the Angel already has Vigilance, MAYBE one depending how many creatures i put in it. Even then to get the Angel to 4 you would need to put counters on it instead of creating the servos.

  • Happy The Cat

    well at least Triplicate Spirits lost flying.

  • DJ Pad

    At some point wizards has got to realize that letting you play spells for free is broken.

    Moxes/Lotus, Force of will, Time Spiral, Affinity, Cascade, phyrexian mana etc. Need I go on?

    • Jakob Schneider

      I agree, though this one’s more restrictive.

      It won’t matter in Standard, and they might purposefully gave those to Modern and Eternal players as new tools.
      It will be hard to make them work there reliably, but it might just be enough for a new archetype.

  • Cthulhooo

    We’re gonna make a wall of tokens and we’re gonna make the rebels pay for it!

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Yeah basically.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    Well this was spoiled in a timely manner.

  • Deadly Berry

    Wizards please… don’t go there.

  • Insight66

    Each one is getting it’s own legend

  • Vizzerdrix

    I kinda feel like casting this into lingering souls/midnight haunting/honor of pure or intangible virtue would be awesome in modem be better if spectral prossession was a3 drop, anyways in modem but as strong as it is doesn’t feel like it packs the right punch

  • Jakob Schneider

    More split card/ 0cc suspend card / Brain in a Jar abuse?

    Also, this seems like pretty solid token generation in general.

    Let alone the fact that this makes three artifacts at once. Instant Metalcraft!

    • Jakob Schneider

      There’s so many great things you can do with this.
      I’ll try to make a fun deck with this and Kuldotha Rebirth.

  • kmk888

    If there is a dedicated Improvise deck, this may be the most important card in it. It generates 3 artifacts for very little (not really 4) mana.

    Oh yeah and it’s also just good. Any tokens deck should be able to use something like this.