Steelform Sliver - M14 Core Set

Steelform Sliver

  • Color: White
  • Type: Creature - Sliver
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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Sliver creatures you control get +0/+1.

  • Xero

    This is not very god as far as slivers go.

    • Are you kidding me, this is classic power creep! I skipped over it at first too but this says, “Slivers YOU control.” It’s not a game ender in and of itself but this new wording (while very unflavorful) makes slivers much better.

      • Hand of the Praetors

        slivers are evolving constantly, with no queen to bond the hive together, evolution has made them more selfish. and they’ve evolved bada** new forms.

        • Sliver

          With no queen, they have nothing to base themselves on at the moment, and decided to morph a bit to become more human-like for survival. If Slivers come into Theros, then the adaptation to human form may seem right since the Slivers there would be against Gods. To survive, they might need to blend in with humans.

          I do hope that Theros welcomes the Slivers in open arms. :D

        • It makes some sense based on the story, sure, but based on the story, Nicol Bolas was powerful enough to have, “Tap: Destroy target player.” or “Win target game.” I love that the story plays a big part in the game but it’s still power creep and it degrades older cards. Props for the story, not for R&D.

    • Compare it to Armor Sliver, it’s a heck of a lot better than that…

  • Marv

    i love slivers, but what’s wrong with the art? i want the classic ones..

  • N-Blackmore

    Humanoid slivers… WAIT WHAT?!

  • The artwork on these new slivers suck.