• SmolderingButcher

    Yes. This is the limited card we needed. What a savage.

  • Happy The Cat

    wow that is nerfed, these used to be free to one mana and now are a whole card, I know this is a Madness enabler but this is just an awful card

    • Emmett Chan

      It’s a 1 mana 1/1 common, what’d you expect? It’s not even that bad, i’m getting flashbacks of that modern masters card that used a phyrexian mana to tap your stuff down. If it was in a color with a lot of madness cards like red it’d actually be pretty great for limited.

      • Happy The Cat

        about that 1 mana thing could you go look up Gideon’s Lawkeeper for me? cause this will be strictly worse unless you have madness spells in one of the only colors without madness spells

  • Hedronal

    White free madness can help sometimes. Otherwise ehh.