• ymmij X

    ok either there are some crazy untap engines in hour or wizards was terrified of overstepping with these tap exerters

    • Mov

      With my tokens I’ll overrun you… very… slowly…

      • Jay Kilian

        Paradox engine and cheap spells would flood the board.

        • Mov

          True, but there’s better things you can do with paradox engine…

          • Happy The Cat

            like Isochron holding a dragon fodder next to Ashnod’s Altar, so you can flood the board… but with goblins!

          • Dredd

            Dragon fodder is a sorcery, Isochron only works with instants, game match loss

          • TheAweDude

            Raise the Alarm then.

    • DJPad

      To be fair, this does go inifinite with Intruder Alarm, but that’s modern, and you have to wait a turn to attack.

      • Alexandre Donnart

        Intruder Alarm has so many combo possibilities, but at least this one is on curve. Mass Hysteria for a Turn 3 kill ? :)

    • Shagoth

      a 2/2 for two that makes a one one each turn isn’t something they’ve done before, it seems like it could get out of hand over time.

      • DarthinvaderIX

        Each other turn

        • Shagoth

          What I described is why they put the disadvantage there.

      • ymmij X

        brimaz can make more than a token a turn and he’s a 3/4 for 3

        • Shagoth

          True, but he was an overfished mythic, this is a bulk uncommon. I wish he was tougher, though.

    • Well keep in mind this set already has some massive synergy off of dinky tokens between Razaketh and maybe The Scorpion God.