Stitcher Geralf - Speed vs Cunning Spoiler

Stitcher Geralf

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Human, Wizard
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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1 ManaBlue Mana, Tap Symbol: Each player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard. Exile up to two creature cards put into graveyards this way. Put an X/X blue Zombie creature token onto the battlefield, where X is the total power of the cards exiled this way.

  • Ulvhedner

    And the many cheers was had in the Magic Community

  • Shadow

    and, let me guess, the deck IS NOT going to come with said X/X blue zombie token. grrrr…. guess i’ll have to draw one then…

    • blazingbrigand

      in commander decks they give you any tokens made by the deck it is a prebuilt deck man

      • Butts

        Lies. The Naya Commander Deck did not come with an X/X Green Elemental Token for Marath.

        • Derek Niles

          Or the nonexistent 5/5 beast token that that deck used for both One Dozen Eyes and Spawning Grounds

          • Matt86

            Or the 1/1 flying insect token with deathtouch for the original hornet queen in Commander that we had to wait for until M15

          • Not GRUul? Then Die!

            Or the 3/3 green Elephant token from Kazandu Tuskcaller in the Bant deck.

      • Daniel Gilmore

        the Kobold of Kher Keep token used by Prossh

      • Derek Niles

        So although it’d be nice, don’t expect the zombie token

  • Zombie

    Insert M.Bison “YYYEESS” video here.

  • yodasodabob

    Yay! The mad scientist behind his own abomination has his own card now!

  • Dr. Burn Crow


  • Dr. Burn Crow

    That moment when you realize…Geralf is with Olgor building Grimgrin.

  • Eduardogbg

    Mono blue ZOMBIE token… We don’t see that very often

    • Eduardogbg

      And did anyone notice that Thought Scour Easter Egg (or almost)?

      • Derek Niles

        The guy does look a lot like the dude from thought scour but I’m pretty sure this is Geralf building Grimgrin so that wouldn’t make any sense…unless he took some parts from that guy I guess.

  • Chi Sarades

    huh i was hoping for b/u but it very good

    • Kahai

      Well it could never be B/U in a mono blue commander deck.

      • Chi Sarades


  • Daky A. shortt

    I like how he has a minion holding up his palate of surgical goodies.

  • Brian

    I’m a fan. Maybe not a guy you can solely focus on building around as a Commander (or maybe he is, only time will tell), but he’s going to be a lot of fun to play. Love the flavor for the Commander 2014 sets so far. Can’t wait to see what will be next.

    • JustAGhost

      You know all those blue leviathans/serpents/etc with great P/T but horrible drawbacks? I think Geralf is going to love stitching them together with your opponents creatures to create massive abominations. Should make a really fun commander.

      • Brian

        This is very true. Like I said, I can’t wait to see what kind of fun things I can do to build around him.

  • Brian

    Oh, and that artwork deserves a special nod as well. Great job nailing who we’ve all imagined Geralf to be.

    • Squirrel Lover

      eh i don’t like his hair…

      • Brian

        Meh. Small details. I don’t see too much wrong with it. I’m just big into the flavor of him and Gisa. Was always surprised when they weren’t printed during Innistrad, so I’m just happy to see both finally getting a print.

        • David Fitzsimmons

          those two as well as Ludevic the monster maker and Tovolar the werewolf leader. I was ESPECIALLY shocked at the lack of a Legendary Werewolf.

          part of me would be upset to see a THIRD innistrad related legend in these decks, but he could totally work as a commander as his fluff states him as a werewolf who never was seen changing back to human. Could be a single sided werewolf. However I would hate to see him not have any sort of werewolf based interactions or lord like abilities for them and chances are high that they couldn’t make the duel deck have werewolves for the same reasons we never had any focus on DFC for any pre built deck. So if they DO make him in these decks, he would probably only affect … know what? scracth my line of though back there, he could work with text that applies to BOTH wolves and werewolves. then just have a lot of normal wolves and wolf makers throughout the Commander deck. Most likely he would be green.

          Edit: geez Innistrad had quite a lot of lore going for it, didn’t it? All of these names behind the various monsters.

          • Brian

            Innistrad was a really, really fun block. Five, ten years from now, I wouldn’t be against seeing a return to it, getting all new updates to some old favorites, and seeing more of the legends that never got touched seeing actual print. Lots of lore that can still be used for future things.

          • David Fitzsimmons

            Which is kinda funny looking back on that block, it was the block when they not only lacked any accompanying novel (which admittedly usually sucked) but it also for a good portion lacked the uncharted realms story articles if I recall correctly. Yet despite all that I felt I had a much greater level of lore poring out of the block. Granted it was rather fractured and all over the place and left lot’s of questions and desire for more filling of specific things, but overall really enjoyable fluff wise. That and New Phyrexia set have my vote for most immersive and visual building lore.

          • Brian

            It just had so much to go on. Everyone knows about Ghouls and Demons, and Vampires and Werewolves, and to see them all come together in one nice, neat block, along with a great human tribal, was just fun all around. And ditto to Phyrexia for me as well. I doubt it will be too long before we see them in earnest again.

          • David Fitzsimmons

            I look back on the lore and world building on New Phyrexia and just have to firce down so much shudders of horror the set instills. A sense of horror I never had during the set’s actual release because I was more excited and concerned over the cards themselves. Now I can re read everything and fully digest the full scope of that place’s horror.

          • Melissa Juice

            Yeah, it looks like WotC is upping the amount/frequency of returns to planes, which i’m very pleased about. Most of them not serious fleshing out/expanding.

  • David Fitzsimmons

    Bah, I was kinda hoping we wouldn’t get him for blue. Was hoping for someone who would play quite a bit differently then Gisa. Oh well, makes more sense fluff wise to not favor one sibling over the other.

    • akakj7

      what colour were you expecting?

      • David Fitzsimmons

        Maybe I mistyped, I KNEW if we were definitely getting a card of him it would be blue without a doubt. What I meat was I was hoping to not get HIM as the slot for the blue deck. Like I already said I was hoping for a bit more variety when it came to non-walker legends in terms of both the planes/blocks they come from and gameplay wise. They are both zombie makers, both from innistrad and both related. A little too much similarity in my opinion for the decks when their could be some other non walker legend worthy of finally getting a blue card made.

        But of course, no matter HOW hard I try to think, the ONLY other strong candidate that comes to mind for a monoblue legend Also comes from Innistrad and is a monster maker as well, Ludevic. So yeah, might as well make the blue slot Geralf to match the sister.

        Heck thinking of Any non walker character in the lore and fluffs who never got their own card and yet could be ‘iconic’ is hardfor any color! So far all I figured out was Ajani’s brother has a strong likelihood to be the white slot since they mentioned from all across the history of magic and have teferi before he lost his spark.

        …. Maybe we will finally get a Hans card? Has the special ability to retreat safely to the command zone without needing to incur an extra mana cost penalty to bring him back again.

        I now really want to see that for a commander. GET ON THIS WIZARDS!

        In short, I knew it was going to be Geralf but was just hoping for some more widespread flavor love. oh well.

        • Jim Fecher

          It’s because Geralf uses Necroalchemy while Gisa is a Necromancer. As Geralf prefers creating the ultimate zombie, Gisa is satisfied in using a horde of zombies to do her work.

          • David Fitzsimmons

            Of course I understand WHY they are different types of necromancers, they still both raise zombies. That’s what I mean by being a bit too similar. Still love the card though.

  • Chi Sarades

    Hmmm I think sifa would be the mono red planeswalker commander for red

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Geralf and Gisa combo together amazingly. Geralf makes big zombie, Gisa sacrifices it to make shock trooper zombies.

  • JustAGhost

    OK, I think I’m going to have to revisit my Grimgrin deck. He, Gisa and Geralf all have way too much synergy not to be paling around together.

  • kekking_kek

    could be good in Mimeoplasm EDH

  • Ryot

    hmm i did not expect Geralf to be so proper, I expect some type of insane scientist.

    • Gareth Martin

      Did you not read the letters he sent to his sister? He is very proper, insane as well.

  • Giby86 .

    This was made for my Sidisi deck. It’s like they called me and asked me what card would I like in my Sidisi deck, and they printed it.