• Zombie

    How to piss off your release event opponents 101

    • Kevan Kramer

      Sure, but in the end you get the middle finger, unless you win, or at least pack in the release event. The limited events are too damn high for me, and I hate cards like this in reprint sets. I don’t care about limited at all when it comes to these sets.

  • BusinessmanGinger

    My razorblades are ready if I pull this.

  • Jaden Ledkins

    I mean, she is cool…..

    But I hate getting filler rares in such expensive sets to purchase…..

    • Happy The Cat

      she earns a slot in here cause she’s among the many cards that have a four to five dollar price jump to their foils thanks to edh, she may not be the best card ever but she is a card any avid edh player should own just in case they want to build a bant(+) fun police.

      • Shagoth

        She’s a rare because she has an ungodly degenerate ability that is tough to deal with when removal isn’t reliable and you have a semi random deck.

  • Cthulhooo

    Bulk masters…

  • BusinessmanGinger

    This might sound really crazy but I’m just spit balling here, I really hope that she is downgraded to an uncommon but that probably won’t happen :(

    • Jakob Schneider

      Seems unlikely, considering they are so intent on a healthy draft environment.

      Unless there’s going to be a lot of manafixing, they’ll keep the tri-colored at the rare spots.
      _Esepcially_ if there’s a lot of manafixing, this will take a rare slot.

      • Jakob Schneider

        This would be a crazy spot for uncommon, both in terms of power as well as the fact that she requires three colors to play.
        Then again, the power level would be leveled out to some extent through the mana cost.,,

    • Zombie

      There is no way that ability will ever be printed below Rare in a drafting set.

    • BusinessmanGinger

      Yeah she got put at a rare :(. Not an awful card in limited but I definitely wouldn’t first pick it.

  • Zombie

    Y tho

    • ShadyBiz42

      ¿Y Qué?

  • Randall Ferguson

    Probably because amonkhet is bringing 3-color cards hard and im sure some will make for a new meta modernwise

  • Marvin Sürig

    I totally feel like we will see some good Exalted card like
    Ardent Plea (maybe on common), Noble Hierarch again, Quasli Pridmage (worthy common), Sublime Archangel (hopefully as a Rare). But I think they won’t print too many Exalted creatures in a Masters Set.
    Griselbrand could lead to a reanimation subtheme. Anyone knows what good modern card can reanimate in general and which can be used to discard Griselbrand?

  • Shagoth

    Good god, this ability isn’t even fun, let alone in limited where “dying to removal” us an argument that doesn’t even work half the time because you might not open proper removal from the packs. Creature Winter Orb that is probably the only creature that can attack without being chump blocked left on the field AND vigilance, less than two dollars, this is so bad! Makes me want to avoid draft, even if I could afford while simultaneously showing disappointing reprints proudly on the packs. Honestly, Deathrite and Bloodbraid were good choices for the packs, one was inexpensive for a rare but it was arguably the most powerful creature ever, and the other was a value uncommon. The only dumb one was Charbelcher, and even then the art paid homage to several classic cards through time and represented the ultimate budget legacy deck.