Stoneforge Acolyte

Stoneforge Acolyte

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  • Zombie

    More Nahiri goodness for EDH.

    Can’t imagine this doing much work anywhere else, though.

    Standard has no equipment worth building around.

    • Fletcher

      I’m not so sure. Can you put enough allies in a Nahiri EDH deck to make Acolyte worth it without deviating too far away from the deck itself? I could see Retreat to Emeria, Gideon, and Stone Haven Outfitter, but what else in terms of Allies could be put in there to make this work? I haven’t actually looked too far into it, I’m just not sure how well Cohort abilities like this would work in EDH decks like Nahiri on first glance.

      • Zombie

        Tutors, my friend. Tutors.

        When you ask the question about consistency and finding things to work with other things, the answer is always tutors.

        • Jazzyboy1

          I’d agree but I personally hate tutors. They make games a little too consistent in EDH. We’ve actually banned Captain Sisay in my playgroup because she’s just boring and always does the same things.

          • Zombie

            Without Tutors in the format EDH would land itself in a spot where only uber-casual timmies and johnnies could actually stand the obscene game lengths.

            Tutors and tutoring effects are necessary for EDH to not be the format with a 2 hour average game length.

    • MrDracoSpirit .

      There’s 3 piece in this set worth finding.. just saying.

  • MrAptronym

    This is the only cohort card I have any interest in.

  • MrDracoSpirit .

    Lets equipment based r/w decks find there equipment. Pretty pointless if your deck not got much equipment, but game changing if you have a critical mass of equipment and cards that want equipment like Kazuul’s Toll Collector.

  • Happy The Cat

    so I can tap two of my creatures to look through the top four cards of my deck for equipment in a set without any big equipment like ogre’s cleaver?
    I’ll pass thanks