• Pacoqueiro

    A blue raid creature… I guess it’s on pirate’s colors, but I still didn’t expect it

  • Aaron Hooker

    A 2/3 flying creature for 2, yes please.

  • Kevan Kramer

    Storm Crow just got outclassed by this pirate.

    • Ruud Munsters

      Kulrath Knight disables this. Storm Crow is still best.

    • Shagoth

      Need I remind you of when Bird Tribal desecrated vintage? Non blue moxen dropped below a dollar because of how unusable they were in that meta game.

  • Alex

    More lovely Jesper Ejsing art! And playable at that! And more for Edric! Win/win/win card.

  • Edward

    I though Pirates had enough good 2 drops but apparently they needed more. Turn 1 Siren Stormtamer in to turn 2 this after you attack with the Siren. If mono-Blue flying Prates becomes a thing then Favorable Winds will definitely see play.

  • kmk888

    Man this card is pretty powerful for blue aggressive decks. Between this and new Jace, it seems like they’re really trying to make it happen in Standard.