• Dave

    Pretty good!

  • MTG fan

    It was as if they knew I was making a hyper aggressive blue red pirates when I needed a decent 3 drop. This is a very decent card, capable of ending stalemates.

    • DJ Pad

      Nuts in limited, may be good enough for standard too.

      • Jaime Torrente

        Temur energy perhaps?

  • Random Guy

    Unblockable uncommon with par stats, plus haste? Surprising. What’s not surprising? How much you could save by switching to Geico on car insurance.

    • Hedronal

      Those ads are just more of the cheap attention grabs unrelated to the product. Trash advertising.

      • Random Guy

        That’s the meme

        • Hedronal

          And it’s why the meme should die. If it were just one of them it’d be one (bad) thing, but at least it’s only the main tagline of one of them.

          • Random Guy

            I could care less which care insurance you buy. I’m really not going to stop making a joke because it would cause you to buy Geico instead of Farmers.

          • Hedronal

            They shouldn’t get free advertising off of internet people. Whether I would or not (I wouldn’t), nobody should be lured to give it their attention by some random meme.

          • Random Guy

            If Farmers memes exist too, then it all balances out. So in a rights-based thinking, yeah, maybe we should kill the meme as it’s mildly creepy. That’s not how I think though, I think in outcomes.

          • Hedronal

            Eh I guess. Memes and ads should be separate. Free corporate gain is dangerous.

  • NC


  • Edward

    I am a little sad because I wanted something Treasure based for the UR uncommon but this is too effective for me to dislike it.

  • sansmyhands

    If only Cutlass helped this duder/duderette dodge Lightning Strike.

  • Happy The Cat

    a Sonic joke is easy here, just look at that bridge, that’s clearly one the the 3d Sonic’s levels. I think Boom is supposed to have a jungle vibe to it.

  • David S. McCrae


    We were attacked by a mysterious blue-and-red blur, captain!

  • Hedronal

    Makes them kill a 2/2 either after it hits or with instant removal.

  • Oscar

    This will actually see play in my admiral beckett brass edh deck. What she only wants are unblockable pirates after all!

  • Tezzybros

    my reaction to the art work:

    *puts on Running in the 90’s*